Mar 15, 2024

Welcome to inside3stripes

You’re probably expecting to see our previous site, GamePlan A…well we have an exciting update for you. We've decided to make some changes - to the stories we want to tell and where we want to tell them. We want to bring you closer to our brand with stories about adidas told by the people who know it best, our 3-Stripes team. As part of these changes, we are saying goodbye to GamePlan A and hello to inside3stripes! 

inside3stripes is your invitation to discover adidas from a whole new angle. From career testimonials to the culture that shapes our workplaces, from the people behind our latest innovations to the work that goes into launching our biggest campaigns, this is adidas as you’ve never seen it before. 

Find the content that inspires you

Are you thinking about joining the team? Maybe you’re already in the application process? Check out our Careers and Culture content. 

Ready to lift the curtain on our latest innovations or learn how our iconic campaigns and designs come to life? Then our Innovation and Behind the Scenes content is what you’re after. 

Want to dive deep into the impact we’re making beyond the 3-Stripes for people and the planet? Discover our Purpose content.  

Whatever stories you choose to explore, we hope inside3stripes gives you a glimpse into our unique brand, a company that has been shaping sport and culture for 75 years. Enjoy!  

"Do you want to experience what it’s like to work at the best sports company in the world? inside3stripes aims to capture the magic that makes up our brand: our culture, our values, our innovation, our people."

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