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Discover our HALFTIME building, an inspiring environment specially designed for downtime and more relaxed meetings. Take the tour in our latest VR experience.

Some browsers and devices currently do not support 360 video without being in the YouTube environment, please use the links below each video to explore each experience from within the YouTube website if you’re experiencing difficulties here. You can enjoy our 360 video on Chrome, Firefox or Edge, so please make sure you’re using one of these browsers.

Mac computers using Safari do not run the 360 experience and will require users to either use a different browser or use a mobile device. You will get the the full experience on mobile devices (incl. iPhone or iPad) – just open the links in the YouTube app to start watching.

Please note: be aware that the offices featured in the following videos are 3D renders of our buildings and have been shown with a preliminary white material used to portray the look and feel of the interior design. Future iterations of this experience will show the interior’s actual material.