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World of Sports


Working in a whole new dimension: World of Sports

A new office building covering 50,000 sqm will enhance the facilities offered by the adidas World of Sports. The new building will be particularly significant, as it will form the new main entrance, welcoming visitors and guests to the World of Sports. The building creates a new image of the adidas Group company headquarters and will stand out as a clear architectural symbol beyond the borders of the campus. The design by Behnisch Architekten resembles a large stadium, with a sculptured landscape running all the way through it.

The adidas Group has an exceptional passion for sport, and this will be immediately evident in the reception area, for visitors and employees alike. They will enter the building on the ground floor of the sloping landscape. From the large, open foyer, visitors and employees will be guided through a tunnel – like athletes entering a stadium – and into the main atrium. The atrium can be used for events and extends into a bistro, which opens out onto the campus via an outdoor terrace. The reference to sport is underlined by the central locker area, which has a separate exit for employees leading directly out to the running track on the top floor. The campus sports facilities are thus right outside the (office) door.

From the central atrium on the entrance level, lifts and a broad staircase lead up to the very top floor, an airy 13 m above the surrounding area. There is plenty of space for over 2,000 employees to work in a modern office environment, which encourages an interdisciplinary and communicative approach. The central thoroughfare forms the heart of the complex, linking the three office floors and inviting employees to meet up for spontaneous exchanges. Serendipity as the source of unplanned and surprising new experiences is a core element of the concept and is promoted through a central arrangement of meeting areas, bringing employees together and encouraging spontaneous encounters despite the vast floor area.

The workstations and working spaces are located in the quieter outlying parts of the building and offer a variety of room and space concepts with flexible configurations that can be tailored to specific employee requirements. In addition, special areas are planned here, such as the parent-child office and recreation rooms. Inner courtyards with daylight bring natural brightness and airiness into the interior of the building. Opening windows enhance the quality of the space still further.

The building has been designed in accordance with the latest energy standards and is being prepared for LEED certification. One example is the innovative façade, which saw the development of a customised, fixed sun protection system, designed with sustainability in mind. Depending on the position of the sun, it allows maximum transparency without generating additional energy costs.