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More space for serendipity

The selection of the landscaping architect was made in an international architectural competition. Having initially been awarded second place, LOLA Landscape from Rotterdam further developed their design during the refinement and was selected partner for the further development of the design.

In the center of the planning are “stars”, the main connection points between the buildings and the north and south campus. The stars are being designed to be the shortest connections in between two buildings for our employees and visitors. But with a distinctive theme to every star they bring employees and visitors together and become vibrant places. The stars host options for sports, meetings and recreation – they foster serendipity, just like the buildings, to experience moments that matter.

The lake has been designed to ensure a high quality for our employees and their surroundings. It acts as a physical barrier between the public and private area of adidas allowing the public a glance onto the campus. Apart from the notion to create natural waters, thanks to innovative and sustainable concepts the lake provides for the entire cooling of the restaurant and event building.

With a mix of local and global plants and trees the campus will become a colorful and inspiring workplace.