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The new meeting place: World of Sports – employee restaurant and event areas

The completion of the new office building will result in a growing need to expand the existing employee catering facilities. The space available for events and meetings is also operating at maximum capacity. A new restaurant and event centre offers the perfect solution with an area covering over 14,000 sqm, which is designed to host events and larger meetings at the World of Sports, while also providing employee catering facilities for up to 2,000 meals a day.

The clever design makes use of the natural topography of the terrain and continues this theme inside as well. A multifunctional roof floats over the top to create a unified whole. The structure of the new building forms a striking connection between the north and south of the campus – both inside and out.

The concept of a countryside pavilion plays a central role in the design and the generous glass façades allow the building to nestle in the landscape. ‘Gardens’ integrated into the building serve as green islands and physically and visually link different parts of the building together. They can also be used as dining areas or meeting rooms. In this way, the changing of the seasons can be experienced throughout the complex. Additional conservatories with glass skylights can be used as dining areas even through the winter months. The scheme is rounded off by the generous terraces, which extend into the surrounding area and enable employees and visitors to enjoy the campus to the full.

The whole concept of the building is aimed at giving adidas Group employees a huge degree of flexibility in the way they use the campus. This requires great versatility of space in every respect. The design proposed by the Copenhagen-based architects COBE creates the ideal basis for this.

HALFTIME has a completely open floor plan, which is designed to encourage communication. Rooms can be set up within this open space, offering opportunities for private meetings, discussions and workshops. With the help of curtains and mobile partitions, the rooms can be joined together or separated in no time.

The building is flush with the ground on all four sides, making it easily accessible. The main entrance, with its large foyer, is on the north-east side of the building. The dining area is connected to the outdoor areas to the south, making it easy for employees to move outside for their lunch break in summer.

The building has been designed in accordance with the latest energy standards and is being prepared for LEED certification. As with the office building, the efficient use of daylight plays a key role. The elegant roof structure is made of light-coloured exposed concrete. Two metres high and slightly sloping, it has been designed to allow as much daylight as possible to enter the building. This also greatly reduces the heat input. An innovative cooling system using an external water source brings substantial reductions in energy costs and emissions.