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Here we go. This is our NEWS website. We will keep you updated with the latest news. We will be telling you about the things we love and that get us excited. 


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There we are, just three days left before opening the next building of our big Campus Expansion Project. We are very excited, that we will gl live next week with our restaurant and eventhall HALFTIME. Everybody involved is adding the final touches to the building, knowing the finish line is just a last sprint away. Although we did the flight just 2 weeks ago, the landscape has changed once again and looks differently, again. Biggest difference, the "star" leading up to HALFTIME is now partly yellow, yellow lamp posts are ligning up along side the path.

Come on in and take look!

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We are at the stage of a project, where you the progress is visible on a daily basis. Not just outside but also inside the buildings, which is why we have done two films this time, one capturing the outside view in 360° and another film that will take you inside the buidlings.

The changes are apparent, the lake is being filled, the walkway center points, our stars, are not visible, the one outside the site, the other one connecting the construction site in the south with the existing campus in the north.

We are very excited, it has been a long two years since we started construction. By now we have opened one building, Parking ARENA, and we are giving the finishing touches to our canteen, that will open it's doors in September.

Enjoy and stay tuned.

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It has been a long winter and apart from a few weeks with cold freezing temperatures we were quite lucky with the weather. Most of the construction work continued uninterupted throughout the winter season. Bit by bit the change is obvious to anyone passing by the construction site.

The outstanding rim of the roof at HALFTIME is complete and support has been dismantled. The shell at ARENA is almost entirely closed, since we filmed the sun shades have been installed and the facade is developing its final appearance.

Not to forget the parking garage. The first building to go into use soon!

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Piece by Piece!
As you may have noticed, a lot of things have happened since the last drone flight. The parking garage finally shows up in his full length and first parts of the facade are already installed. Impressive is also to see the magnitude of the lake and the width of the red star, which connects the parking garage with our levitating ARENA.The roof construction of the HALFTIME building is almost completed and the interior work will start soon. Stay tuned, the next 360° flight is coming!

See here for the latest drone flight!



As you may have noticed ARENA is where it should be, floating 12 meters above the ground. We have achieved one of our biggest milestones at our construction site. We are celebrating this with a special ARENA drone feature where you get the chance to take a closer look at the enormous 76 hydraulic presses, which lifted our construction of 12.000 tons to the lofty heights. By now the presses are destructed and the full weight is carried by its 67 angular columns. Stay tuned - the next drone flight video is just a shot away! 

See here for the latest drone flight!


We did it, again. See the latest drone fligth video following the link below. Many things have happened since we placed the first beam on the roof of HALFTIME. The roof is almost finished. The steel construction of ARENA is growing as well, soon to be lifted to 12mtrs above the ground. You can already see the road leading to the parking garage and the ramps that will lead you to the first floor. Once more, we are thrilled.

See here for the latest drone flight!


The first main beam of the roof of the new restaurant and event buidling was installed in May and followed by the installation of the V beams that form the visible part of the roof construction. It is impressive to see those pre manufacutred beams arrive and being lifted on the bearing concrete walls. Rooms form and even non project related passers by now get the first impression of the building and its clear design. 

Hidden in the shadow of the construction site of the two new buildings, works on the new parking garage continue some time ago. Within the past weeks the over ground construction started and is now visible to passers by. When finished, the parking garage will be 260 mtrs long, 42 mtrs wide and 14 mtrs high. It will be the first building of our overall expansion that will open in 2018.


06.04.2017 - A lot has happend since the last drone flight. Steel construction has started, walls are being put up, more cranes arrived. It is the first drone flight that flew through the construction. Looking at it makes you want to touch the things next to you, make sure you get the most out of the 360° experience. Enjoy and stay tuned. More is to follow.

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31.01.2017 - Construction works were on hold over the festive season. Once the new year had begun not only our construction workers were back but also our drone, capturing a construction site dressed in white. You can see the progress none the less. Floor slabs are almost closed where you could see the ground work last time. The elevator core keeps growing as well.... Etc. etc. etc. Just watch.