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Frequently asked questions and answers

1. Why is the adidas Group investing in the expansion of their HQs?

We are a growing company and fortunate to have our HQs in a location that allows us to expand as well. Today, our HQs in Herzogenaurach are fragmented in three different locations. Investing in the expansion of the World of Sports is primarily an investment in our employees, as we aim to unite them all in one place. Along with the new workplace concept that is currently developed at our testing building PITCH, we aim to create the best workplace possible for our employees.

2. How were the winning designs chosen?

The designs were developed in two open international architectural competitions for which over 200 participants applied. For each building 30 applicants were chosen in a selection process. The architects where then tasked to develope a design based on the functional requirements provided by the adidas Group. An international jury, consisting of 6 experienced architects and 6 internal adidas representatives, chose the top design and the results were aligned with the executive board.

3. When will the project be finalized?

Construction will start in early 2016 and the buildings are planned to be ready towards the end of 2018.

4. Why is the campus extending to the south?

LACES is currently our largest office building and the heart of the campus; hence, it was decided to expand to the South to have short and quick connections to all buildings. In addition, we are also creating a higher visibility for our campus.

5. How do we cover the long distances?

At the new campus, the maximum distance between buildings is just below 1km. To deal with this challenge we are working on making the campus accessible with bicycles.

6. Who will move into the office building?

This has not been decided yet. We are a growing and dynamic company; the decision will therefore be made at a later stage.

7. When can we see more about the project?

We will regularly post updates on this site. Stay tuned for some exciting features and media content that will be published here as soon as they are ready.

8. Are the employees involved in the project?

Our employees are actively asked to share their feedback and ideas via a designated intranet platform and other feedback forms.

The jury for the design competitions consisted of external experts, internal property development experts, as well as regular employees.

Currently, we are collecting name suggestions for the new buildings from our employees and we will come up with additional opportunities for employee involvement.