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Supplier Lists

Supplier Lists

adidas outsources most of its production. Being committed to transparency and public disclosure, we have fully disclosed our global factory lists and published detailed information including the names and locations of suppliers by country since 2007. This extends to primary suppliers, subcontractors, licensees and suppliers where the majority of wet processes are carried out.  

The data presented in our disclosure comes from an industry leading website, the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC). The accuracy of the lists is heavily dependent on the disclosure provided to us by our primary suppliers, who have direct relationships with these factories. While we have stable business relationships with many of our major manufacturing partners, we do see a degree of factory turnover throughout each year. As a result, our factory list always describes the current status of our active business relationships at the date mentioned. We strive to keep the disclosure of our primary suppliers, subcontractors and licensees as current as possible by updating the list twice a year. We also publish our supplier lists annually on the Open Supply Hub, an industry initiative that promotes open and transparent sharing of retail supply chain data.

If you have a query relating to a specific supplier factory and want to know whether it is currently making goods for adidas, please feel free to write to us and we will confirm its status. We can be reached at sustainability@adidas-group.com