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Policies and Standards

We have standards and policies in place that set the framework for our stakeholder interaction.

To explain how we expect our suppliers to live up to our Standards, we have produced a number of supporting guidelines that detail our expectations for fair, healthy, safe workplace conditions and environmentally sound factory operations. They make the Workplace Standards understandable and practical, provide additional guidance for our suppliers, and help us work together to find effective solutions to workplace problems.


Our supporting guidelines include:

Guidelines on Employment Standards

Reviewed, revised and updated in 2020.

Download PDF

Guidelines on Employment Standards (previous version)

As of 2016.

Download PDF

Health and Safety Guidelines

Reviewed, revised and updated in 2010.

Download PDF

Environmental Guidelines

Reviewed, revised and updated in 2019, these Guidelines complement the adidas' Guide to Environmental Good Practice Guideline and Toolkit.

Download PDF

Environmental Good Practice Guideline and Toolkit

Reviewed, revised and updated in 2019

Download PDF

Enforcement Guidelines

First finalised in 2004, revised in 2006 and again in 2007.

Download PDF

Termination Guidelines

Issued in 2007, these Guidelines are part of our standard operating procedures.

Download PDF

Guidelines on Redundancy and Layoffs

Issued in 2007, these Guidelines are part of our standard operating procedures.

Download PDF

Worker Cooperative Guidelines

Issued in 2005.

Download PDF

Due-Diligence for land acquisistion and resettlement, new manufacturing facilities, Myanmar (advisory note).

Issued in 2014.

Download PDF

To make sure that not only the suppliers but also adidas employees and licensees, the ones that are involved in product sourcing, are aware of our Workplace Standards and additional guidelines, we’ve implemented Group-wide standard operating procedures. They ensure that all adidas businesses and licensees inspect, select and authorise suppliers in line with our Workplace Standards. Core policies and procedures that are part of adidas' policy manual include:

  • A Factory Approval Policy, which describes the procedures for getting authorisation from the Social and Environmental Affairs team for all production
  • The External Monitoring Policy, which outlines requirements for external monitors conducting factory assessments on behalf of adidas business entities and licensees
  • A Termination Guideline, which describes our approach to ethically terminate a relationship with a supplier
  • The Fair Factories Clearinghouse procedure, which describes the responsibilities for disclosing and maintaining data in the company's supply chain database.