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As a global sports company we believe that, through sport, we have the power to change lives, and nowhere is this more profound than in our community engagement efforts.

For years, adidas has worked closely with a number of organizations on both a local and global level to actively support and positively impact communities. Our programs are built on three complementary pillars – community involvement, employee engagement and corporate giving – determined by local cultural, economic and social factors. Supplementary programs include activities at adidas headquarters, relief operations and projects in suppliers’ countries.


Our community engagement is essential to our overall approach to sustainability that focuses on three strategic ‘People’ priorities: to empower people, to improve health and to inspire action. These strategic priorities are supported by our corporate giving guidelines and various programs for employee and community involvement.

Throughout the world, we aim to maximize our positive impact by targeting countries and regions in which we have major sourcing operations. We recognize that people in our local offices best understand the needs and cultural sensitivities in their communities. For that reason, we regularly partner with local organizations. After implementation of a project, we also involve NGOs to review the impact of the work.

Furthermore, we support our suppliers’ communities by making contributions to organizations that promote sustainable development practices within the industry. As natural or other disasters can strike at any moment, we also provide financial aid and donate products to international aid organizations that support affected victims. Our strong relationships with humanitarian aid organizations help us to bring supplies into affected areas.



In 2019, donation request declined by 17% to 4,867 compared to 2018 (2018: 5,839). In general, donation or funding requests significantly varied in nature and purpose. Incoming requests were carefully reviewed against the adidas Corporate Giving Guidelines to ensure alignment with corporate policies, procedures and the available budget framework.

The total number of supported projects remained with 519 relatively stable in 2019 (2018: 525). The decrease in fewer projects supported in EMEA region reflects our more stringent approach in conducting needs assessments based on clear internal definitions. This in turn helped us to continuously focus on key projects with fewer but more impactful organisations.

The amount of product donations significantly grew to more than 1 million units (2018: 521,487). This can be attributed to extensive product donations in North America. In the EMEA region, we provided major volumes of product donations to support people in severe need, for example refugees in various refugee camps all over Europe and Iraq.

Compared to 2018, we saw a decline of volunteer hours of our global workforce by 19% to 45,318, most notably in the North America and EMEA regions. This was caused by the restructuring of the employee engagement program.

With our data tracking system, we aim to fully cover activities from all subsidiaries worldwide. We are constantly reviewing our approach and the system to improve data quality.

Statistics 2019

Region Donation Requests Received Total Number of Projects Supported Units of Products Donated Volunteer Hours
EMEA 2,357 115 403,915 8,780
Latin America 143 46 2,692 7,348
North America 2,320 308 575,397 6,547
Asia-Pacific 47 50 74,420 22,643
Total 4,867 519 1,056,424 45,318