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Engagement with Stakeholders

Engaging openly with stakeholders and establishing leadership approaches for transparency and disclosure is a fundamental part of our approach to sustainability.

Driving sustainability across the entire organization 

We consider sustainability to be a cross-functional team effort that requires a solid governance structure. The head of Sustainability at adidas is responsible for the development and execution of our sustainability strategy and reports to the Executive Board member responsible for Global Operations. They also lead the Sustainability Sponsor Board, which is composed of senior representatives from all relevant functions across the company, including Global Brands, Digital, and Global Sales. The members of the Sponsor Board ensure cross-functional alignment and transparent end-to-end management of goals within their function.  

We have set up regular sustainability networking calls for all employees involved in sustainability projects and programs to ensure company-wide alignment on all levels. On top of this, adidas has developed a company-wide sustainability training program available to all employees, educating them on how to think and act sustainably. This enables them to become sustainability ambassadors and encourages them to make personal and professional commitments that will contribute to a cleaner planet. We have also initiated a sustainability training program for our retail colleagues, with the objective of informing, engaging, and inspiring our entire team and, by extension, the consumers they interact with on a daily basis.