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More Sustainable Materials and Circular Services

In addition to using recycled content or more sustainable material for our products, we steadily expand our circular service offering.

As part of our Own the Game strategy, we aim to move to a comprehensive sustainable offering at scale. Our ambition is that 90% of our articles will be sustainable by 2025. We define articles as sustainable when they show environmental benefits versus conventional articles due to the materials used, meaning that they are – to a significant degree – made with environmentally preferred materials. The majority of these are recycled materials or more sustainable cotton. At the same time, innovative materials such as biobased synthetics, and more sustainably grown natural materials are used in a small scale already and will become increasingly relevant in the future.     

To qualify as a sustainable article, environmentally preferred materials have to exceed a certain predefined percentage of the article weight. The applied criteria for environmentally preferred materials and the percentage of the article weight are defined based on standards reflecting the latest industry developments, competitor benchmarks, and expert opinions: For apparel, the environmentally preferred material content is required to be at least 70% of the article weight, for accessories and gear at least 50%, and for footwear at least 20%.1 This standard has been applied for the year 2022 onward. By the end of 2022, we managed to have seven out of ten of our articles sustainable.

The following materials build the foundation of the environmentally preferred materials we use: