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adidas is aware of the potential impacts its business operations can have on ecosystems, disrupting our supply chains connected to nature-derived materials, compromising landscapes and ecosystem services, and influencing the future of the textile industry. At the same time, we believe that maintaining and preserving biodiversity is a complex challenge that requires systemic change and strong collaboration among multiple actors, including suppliers, certifiers, innovators, and partners. As a signatory of the Fashion Pact, we commit to set up tangible targets and action plans to decrease our impact in biodiversity.

We are currently working on defining a systematic approach to biodiversity. adidas launched an initial global biodiversity assessment to identify and manage its key impacts and dependencies on biodiversity. One measure in 2022 was the development of a zero deforestation roadmap, which will be implemented in the coming years.

Furthermore, we have started to investigate how to increase biodiversity at adidas own facilities. In an exploratory phase, adidas headquarters implemented measures to map the current biodiversity status of the campus, the steps to reduce impacts and how to increase the number of species present on the campus.