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No matter how much information you put out there, some questions will always remain. We are looking forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us please check the below list of most frequently asked questions. This will give us more time to answer specifics and it saves you time waiting for our reply.

General matter

How and when was adidas AG founded?

adidas has its roots in Herzogenaurach, Germany. In 1920, Adi Dassler, the son of a shoemaker, crafted his first training shoes and laid the foundation for a long and successful company history. 

Adolf (called ‘Adi’) Dassler registered the company in 1949. The company’s name is derived from the given name and last name of its founder. If you want to find out more about the diverse and eventful years since our company’s foundation, you can read all about our history.

Who steers the company?

Our Executive Board consists of six members. Each Board member is responsible for a major business area within the company. Kasper Rorsted became adidas CEO effective October 1, 2016. Other members of the Board are Roland Auschel, responsible for Global Sales, Brian Grevy, responsible for Global Brands, Harm Ohlmeyer, responsible for Finance, Amanda Rajkumar, responsible for Global Human Resources, and Martin Shankland, who is responsible for Global Operations.

Where is adidas headquartered?

The headquarters of the adidas AG, called “World of Sports”, are located in Herzogenaurach, a small town in Bavaria, Germany. At the end of December 2019 5,400 of the company's 59,533 employees worked at our campus-like headquarters. Visit our Herzo Careers page, where you will get more information.

Which and where are the most important locations of the adidas AG?

The “World of Sports” in Herzogenaurach, Germany is the headquarters of adidas. Reebok is headquartered in Boston, USA. Other major locations include Portland, Panamá, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 

How many people does adidas employ?

At the end of December 2019, the company had 59,533 employees.

What is the composition of adidas AG's Supervisory Board?

As the company and its domestic affiliates together have more than 2,000 employees, the Supervisory Board is composed pursuant to the German Co-Determination Act (Mitbestimmungsgesetz – MitBestG) of eight members representing the shareholders and eight members representing the employees.

Whom do I contact at adidas regarding donations or charitable contributions?

All requests for corporate donations must be submitted in writing. Check out our locations section for addresses. Please note: We receive many donation requests from deserving organizations every day and we regret we are unable to respond affirmatively to every need. If we are interested, the responsible department will get in touch with you.

How can I get updated about adidas on a regular basis?

You can get an overview of all social media activities of the adidas AG in our Social Space section or activate an RSS feed.

If you want to find out more about our brands visit:

Products & Brands

Which brands are part of adidas?

The adidas AG markets its products under the following brand names:
adidas: footwear, apparel and hardware such as bags and balls.

Reebok: footwear, apparel and hardware.

adidas Golf: golf footwear and apparel.

Five Ten: outdoor footwear.


What can I do about an adidas product I bought that is defective?

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your adidas product, please contact your adidas retailer or online shop. There, your claim will be discussed competently with you and, if the claim is justified, the purchased item will be replaced. It is our aim to help you in a fast and uncomplicated way if you have a justified claim.
If you have ordered the product online, please see our return policy for detailed information.

Can I submit an idea (product/design idea) to adidas for evaluation?

No. Our policy is not to accept unsolicited submissions of designs, inventions or ideas from persons external to adidas. We appreciate your interest in our company and seek your cooperation by asking you not to submit any ideas to adidas. 

Where can I find out more about the way products of the adidas AG are manufactured?

adidas mainly manufactures its products through suppliers. Please go to the Supply Chain Structure section of this website to find out more about our supply chain. 

Where can I buy adidas AG's products?

You can either shop directly online on the different brand online shops or check out the store search on those websites. 




Where can I find information about job opportunities within adidas?

On our adidas Careers website you will find a list with all the positions that we are currently looking for and you can apply for them right away. For more information, please visit the Careers section of this website and see our offer and our expectations of our candidates.

I can't find an open position that fits my profile, but still would like to send in an unsolicited application.

In that case, you may create a profile by going to the adidas Careers page and clicking the search button in the top right-hand corner. This will take you to our job search page where you will find an application profile section on the right-hand side of the screen. Here, you can set up a general profile within our system and also set up job search agents to be notified when jobs you are interested in become available.

How can I apply to work in a different country?

You can select this in the Search Jobs section on our Careers website.

I would like to be a model for adidas.

All the models we use for photo shootings or presentations are booked through professional model agencies, therefore we do not accept direct applications from models.

I would like to complete an internship within the adidas AG.

Please refer to the Careers section of this website to read our offer and our expectations or go to the adidas Careers website.

You will find all information about our internship programmes in the Students & Grads section. However, please keep in mind that you need to be actively enrolled in an undergraduate programme for the duration of the internship.

What profile should an ideal candidate have for a job within the adidas AG?

We have summarised all the criteria an ideal candidate for adidas should fulfil in the Our expectations section.

I have been invited for an interview. How do I get to the adidas locations worldwide?

The addresses of the main locations and headquarters of adidas are listed on our website. Please get in touch with your contact person regarding addresses of other offices that are not listed. 

Media Inquiries

How can I contact the Media Relations team?

Please visit the Media Contact section. 

What does the Media Relations team do?

The Corporate Communication department is the contact point for business media worldwide and represents the company behind the brands. To contact the Corporate Communication department click here. For brand-related topics, please visit the brand news streams: and and select your specific market. 

Where can I find the latest corporate news?

Please visit the press release section of this website. If you want to receive our press releases for business and financial topics, please send us your contact details and we will put you on our mailing list.

When is your next press conference?

An overview of corporate events including quarterly earnings and the next annual press conference on occasion of full-year results can be accessed through our Financial Calendar. Dates are regularly updated.

Where can I find hi res video material/imagery about the company?

To see and download hi-res videos and images about the adidas company, visit our Multimedia Center.

How can I get updated about the company on a regular basis?

If you want to receive our press releases for business and financial topics, please send us your contact details and we will put you on our mailing list. 

You can also get an overview of all our social media activities in the Social Space section or activate an RSS feed.

If you want to find out more about our brands visit and

In addition, our company blog GamePlan A features great stories of people who do not stop being an athlete when they enter the office. 

I am a student and need some information about adidas …

Our corporate website already offers a wide variety of information that can help you with your research. Our Annual Report is also a helpful source. If you want to learn more about our products, athletes and campaigns, check out our brands' news sites: and

As we receive many inquiries every day and due to limited capacities, we can, unfortunately, not support you as much as we would like to. Thus, we ask for your understanding that e-mail inquiries will not be answered. 

Investor Relations

Where is the adidas share listed?

The adidas AG share is listed on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt. The stock is part of the DAX-30 index, which consists of the 30 major German companies.

What type of shares has adidas AG issued?

adidas AG has issued registered no-par-value shares (registered shares). 

When was adidas admitted to the DAX?

adidas was admitted to the DAX on June 19, 1998.

What is the adidas AG stock registration number?

The adidas AG stock registration number (ISIN) is DE000A1EWWW0.
The Reuters symbol is ADSG.F (Frankfurt) and the Bloomberg symbol is ADS.

Has adidas AG recently conducted a share split?

On May 11, 2006, the Annual General Meeting of adidas AG approved a share split in a ratio of 1:4. On June 6, 2006, prior to market opening, each existing share was divided into four adidas AG shares. As no new shares were issued, there was no dilutive effect. There has been no further share split since this event.

I am a US investor wanting to buy adidas shares. How can I do this?

US investors can buy adidas ADRs either through any broker licensed to buy and sell US securities or directly through Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (Deutsche Bank). Currently we have one ADR facility, the Level I facility. For more information on this facility please look here.

How can I get in contact with Deutsche Bank?


Contact details for registered and private ADR holders:
Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Peck Slip Station
P.O. Box 2050
New York, NY 10272-2050

Toll-free number: +1 866 706 0509
Direct dial: +1 718 921 8137

Contact details for ADR brokers & institutional investors:
Phone (US): +1 212 250 9100
Phone (UK): +44 207 547 6500

Does the company have a direct stock purchase programme?

No, the adidas AG does not offer a direct stock purchase programme. Stocks must be purchased through a bank or broker.

What is the number of shares outstanding?

You can find the number of shares outstanding in the share details section or in our Annual Report.

What does the company's shareholder structure look like?

Visit the shareholder structure section for an overview of our shareholder structure.

What is the free float ratio of the capital stock?

The free float ratio of the capital stock is 100%.

When did adidas acquire Reebok?

The business of Reebok International Ltd. (USA) and its subsidiaries is consolidated as of February 1, 2006.

Who is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company?

Since October 1, 2016 Kasper Rorsted is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of adidas AG.

What is the composition of adidas AG's Executive Board?

Our Executive Board is composed of six members who reflect the diversity and internationality of the company. Each member is responsible for a major business area within adidas.

What is the composition of adidas AG's Supervisory Board?

As the company and its domestic affiliates together have more than 2,000 employees, the Supervisory Board is composed pursuant to the German Co-Determination Act (Mitbestimmungsgesetz – MitBestG) of eight members representing the shareholders and eight members representing the employees.

Where do I get a quick overview of your key financial figures?

Check out our Annual Report (PDF) or Online Report.

How much dividend per share did adidas pay in the past years?

Please check out the dividend overview section to see the dividend per share development. 

When will the next Annual General Meeting take place?

All information related to General Meetings of adidas AG can be found here.

How and where can I register for the Annual General Meeting?

As of the day of convocation of the General Meeting, all information on participating in the General Meeting can be found here.

When will the next results be released?

Please take a look at the investor events section to see the upcoming events. 

I would like to get an Annual Report ...

If you would like to view the previous and latest reports on the internet, please visit the financial reports section. 

Where can I find information on issued bonds?

Any information related to issued bonds can be found here.


Does adidas have a sustainability strategy? (or: What is adidas' approach to sustainability?)

adidas has a sustainability roadmap for 2020 and beyond that is fully integrated into its overall business strategy “Creating the New”. It identifies six strategic priorities to address the issues and challenges of the spaces where sport is made (all places where products are created, designed, manufactured and shipped), sold (own retail, wholesale and e-commerce) and played (from the indoor court to the outdoor pitch all over the world). Please click here for more information.

Does adidas have a supply chain code of conduct?

adidas has a supply chain code of conduct which is called the “Workplace Standards” which can be downloaded here

What are the “Workplace Standards”?

The “Workplace Standards” are adidas’ supply chain code of conduct. The concept defines a contractual obligation under the manufacturing agreement adidas signs with its business partners. The Standards contain clear rules of conduct regarding environmentally sound, safe and healthy working conditions, fair wages and freedom of association, prohibition of excessive overtime and forced and child labour as well as protection against discrimination. They help adidas choose supply chain partners and monitor their performance as well as identify and help remediate problems. The Workplace Standards and supporting guidelines can be accessed here

In which countries are your products manufactured? And how many factories and/or suppliers are there?

At the end of 2018, we worked with more than 600 independent factories globally which manufacture adidas products in 51 countries. More than 70% of the factories are located in the Asia-Pacific region.

Does adidas have its own factories or is all production outsourced?

adidas operates a limited number of own production and assembly sites in Germany (1), and the USA (1).

How do you select and monitor your suppliers?

Our adidas Sustainability team checks and controls potential new factories proposed by our Sourcing organisation. This way, we want to ensure that suppliers meet our Workplace Standards and that there are no risk issues in the factories. If a factory does not meet our Standards, we reject it. Besides our own staff, monitoring compliance is carried out by commissioned third-party experts and independent auditors who verify compliance or evaluate our Workplace Standards’ programmatic activities. Please click here for more information about our Supply Chain Approach.

How environmentally friendly are your products and the production process?

Our overall ambition is to reduce complexity and create more sustainable products and packaging. We aim to embed environmental aspects into our innovation projects within each brand where product innovation and design takes place. Our innovation teams are challenged to come up with innovations in materials and processes to help improve the sustainable aspects of the products and make their production process more environmentally friendly. Good examples from the past are our partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative and Parley for the Ocenans, as well as the use of recycled polyester. Check our sustainability innovation to get the full picture. 

Are your products safe for children?

We have company-wide product safety policies in place that ensure we consistently apply physical, chemical product safety and conformity standards across all brands of adidas. To ensure product quality and consumer-safe products, all materials and product samples have to pass a rigid compliance process and are tested in accordance with standardized material and product testing specifications and procedures. We constantly track legal developments in the area of product safety and, where necessary, update our policies and manuals, as we have done in the area of children’s clothing. In a specific manual on children’s clothing, we combine the strictest laws and regulations from major regions such as the EU and the US. All our children’s clothes have to follow these specific requirements.

Are children working in your suppliers’ factories?

Our Workplace Standards state that our suppliers must not employ children who are less than 15 years old, or less than the age for completing compulsory education in the country of manufacture where such age is higher than fifteen. Compliance with this standard is checked regularly by internal and external monitors.

How “green” is adidas as a company?

As a global business operating worldwide, adidas has a responsibility to look after the environment, both for people today and for future generations. Managing our environmental impacts at our own sites and along the value chain, where our products are designed, created, manufactured, transported and sold, is a key focus of our work.

Our Sustainability Roadmap for 2020 shows we have set ourselves ambitious targets to optimize our environmental impact along the entire lifecycle of sport.

  • We have developed an approach to address water efficiency and quality. 
  • We are committed to steadily increasing the use of more sustainable materials in our production, products and stores while driving towards closed-loop solutions.
  • We are further committed to reducing our absolute energy consumption and CO2 emissions, transitioning to clean energy and looking into energy harvesting opportunities.

Does adidas report on its social and environmental policy and performance externally?

In addition to publicly reporting on our corporate website, since 2001, adidas has published an annual sustainability report which sets out goals, strategies and actions to increasingly and constantly improve our social and environmental performance. adidas made history by becoming the first company in the sporting goods industry to start reporting about its sustainability performance data. In addition, we are the only company in the sporting goods industry that has published a report on an annual basis ever since.

As of full year 2017 reporting, adidas combines its financial and non-financial information in one combined publication, the Annual Report. Click here to download our Annual Reports in the Financial Publication center.

Information for students

I’m a student doing a presentation/project work/a paper about adidas.


            a) … the company

Please go to the adidas company profile to find out more about the company itself. Get to know our Executive and Supervisory Boards and find out about the company’s strategic approach. Furthermore, you can see where our headquarters are located and where adidas employees are working worldwide.

To find out more about the adidas AG from an employee perspective, visit our blog    

            b) … the history

All information about our founder Adi Dassler and the development of adidas into one of the most important companies in the sporting goods industry is summarised in the history section.

            c) … the brands

adidas and Reebok are the two main brands belonging to the adidas AG. Click on the different brand sections to get a better impression of what they stand for.

            d) … products and campaigns

Please find detailed overviews and descriptions about all our products on the brand websites:

e) … production processes and sustainability approach

Please, visit the SEA section of this website if you want to find out more about how we manage sustainabilitymanufacture our products or select our partners.



a) … logos and corporate imagery

Please see our Multimedia Centre in the Media section of this website.

b) …  campaigns and product pictures and videos

For local imagery and download links, please visit or to find detailed brand and product pictures.

I would like to complete an internship within the adidas AG

Please refer to the Careers section on this website or Here you will also find an Internship section where you will find all information about our internship programme. However, please keep in mind that you need to be actively enrolled at university for the duration of the internship.

I would like to complete an internship at one of the company's subsidiaries worldwide.

If you want to do an internship somewhere other than at the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, please apply directly to the subsidiary of the country you are interested in. However, please note that not all our locations offer an internship program. You can select the country in the search jobs application in the Careers section of our website.

I would like to write my thesis with adidas.

It is possible to write a degree thesis in combination with an internship at our adidas headquarters. However, the decision of whether a thesis can be supported is always made by the respective department. Please mention in your application that you are considering preparing your degree thesis with us.

What job opportunities does adidas offer for graduates?

adidas offers a variety of jobs for graduates. There are some unique programmes and valuable resources that will fit your aspirations today and take your career even higher in the future. See the Careers section of our website for details. The Functional Trainee Programme (FTP) offers you insights into different departments of your preferred function. Please visit the Careers section of this website to see how to apply. Under Students & Grads you will find all information and open positions for our trainee programmes.

I’m just about to finish school. Are there any job opportunities for me at adidas?

At the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, we offer an apprenticeship programme which has been developed especially for top secondary school candidates. Additionally, our Dual Study Programme in Herzogenaurach is geared towards the brightest high school graduates. Check our Careers website to see whether any of these opportunities are suitable for you.