adidas Group joins UN Climate Neutral Now initiative

adidas Group joins UN Climate Neutral Now initiative
HerzogenaurachSeptember 22, 2015

Today, the adidas Group joined the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative to promote a wider understanding of the need and the opportunities for society to become climate neutral as well as to showcase that many organisations are already taking concrete action in this direction.

The UN Climate Change Secretariat asked a few selected companies, among which the adidas Group, to support their initiative as leading examples of companies tackling climate change. By joining the UN Climate Change Secretariat’s initiative, the adidas Group delivers a strong commitment to the industry, its employees and external stakeholders with regard to its continued effort to minimise its carbon footprint.  

While the first immediate action step includes supporting a successful outcome towards an international agreement at the upcoming climate conference COP21 in Paris at the end of 2015, the adidas Group also commits to further action steps as a champion of the initiative such as the continued estimation and reduction of its emissions as well as offsetting at least part of the remaining unavoidable emissions with UN-certified offsets.

"The adidas Group has long been recognised for its leadership when it comes to corporate social and environmental responsibility. And with the vision of our Green Company Initiative to become a carbon-neutral company, we are committed to continuing to measure and to reduce our carbon emissions and to compensate unavoidable emissions."

Herbert Hainer, adidas Group CEO

Since climate change is one of this century’s greatest challenges, the adidas Group continuously strives to achieve a carbon-neutral stage in its own operations and at its own sites by increasing energy efficiency, using energy with a lower carbon footprint and offsetting carbon where appropriate in approved schemes.

For more information please visit the adidas Group Climate Change website page

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