Factsheet: Progress on Creating Lasting Change Now

HerzogenaurachFebruary 25, 2021

adidas today provided its latest update on its Creating Lasting Change Now commitments, which are focused on driving greater diversity, equality and inclusion within the company and in communities. 

These progress updates come from the global Committee to Accelerate Inclusion & Equality, formed to increase the representation, retention and advancement of diverse talent globally and develop specific targets to hold adidas accountable to these goals.


adidas is working with urgency to move its culture forward for present and future generations, ensuring equity, inclusion and opportunity for all employees.

  • Launched the global Creating a Culture of Inclusion training, in which employees explore critical topics including diversity dimensions, unconscious biases, privilege and microaggressions. All teams were then required to demonstrate their personal commitment by agreeing and managing 5 commitments on how to create a more inclusive workplace. As of Feb. 8, globally all senior leaders and nearly all adidas employees have completed the program, committing approximately 25 hours each over the last 4 months.
  • Strengthened and reinforced the global Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. A team of employees also collaborated with a third-party consultant to create the new Corrective Action Matrix. This provides clear guidance on how the company will respond to harassment, discrimination, disrespectful conduct and retaliation.
  • Conducted a series of listening sessions that included more than 700 employees led by nearly 40 leaders from the Committee to Accelerate Inclusion & Equality, Executive Board and Senior Leadership Team.
  • Signed The Juneteenth Pledge, led by adidas partner Pharrell Williams, which means June 19, Juneteenth, will be a paid holiday for all adidas and Reebok employees in the U.S., and identified as a day in other offices to reflect on the value of diversity and inclusion. 
  • Created the Global Day of Inclusion, a companywide event highlighting our progress toward creating a culture of true belonging. The first event took place virtually on Sept. 15, and the company is preparing for its second Global Day of Inclusion this year.


adidas is reforming its global hiring and career development processes to ensure fair and equitable hiring across adidas – removing potential hiring bias, increasing representation and creating more accountability and oversight. 

  • Launched The Champions Program in North America, comprised of employees across the business who are highly trained to drive consistency, address blind spots and ensure a fair and equitable hiring experience.
  • Revamped the adidas Mentoring Program (amP), bringing together employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences in fulfilling, two-way partnerships. aMP empowers employees around the globe to embrace different perspectives and unlock new paths of professional development.
  • Piloted Ten Thousand Coffees, a new networking tool in North America that unites employees across functions, job levels and geographies.
  • Increased diversity within People Leader Essentials (PLE), an interactive series of virtual workshops that equips employees with the skills they need to ignite a winning team culture. PLE is open to all employees around the world at all levels, including existing people leaders and those who aspire to be.
  • Continuing to make progress against new hiring targets in the U.S. for Black and LatinX people within the U.S. workforce at adidas and Reebok. adidas is targeting a minimum of 30% of all open positions to be filled with Black or LatinX talent and at least 50% of new hires for all open positions to be filled with diverse talent inclusive of all diverse categories (gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran). The company is targeting 20% to 23% Black and LatinX employees in corporate roles by 2025, and 12% in leadership positions in the U.S. by that time.


adidas is investing $120 million to support and empower Black communities in the U.S. through 2025 in addition to its existing grassroots initiatives.

  • Increasing global support for Black and LatinX communities by upping investment in diverse businesses and startups, expanding supplier diversity and working with employee groups in local markets to grow community outreach. One of the first initiatives is Close the Gap, a program built in partnership with Impact Hub, the world’s largest network of social ventures and entrepreneurs. Through this initiative, adidas employees will mentor Black and LatinX-led social ventures to create change.
  • Working with new partners, including Blavity and Appetite for Change, to advance equity and inclusion within communities. With Blavity, a community for Black creativity and news, and Appetite for Change, a Minneapolis organization dedicated to removing barriers to fresh food, adidas will further drive its grassroots initiatives with authenticity and lasting impact.
  • Expanded the initial scholarship commitment for Black and LatinX students, with contributions to date totaling $500,000 in debt relief grants to students at adidas’ HBCU partner schools. Through a partnership with the United Negro College Fund, adidas developed a roadmap for $2 million in scholarships through 2024 for Black and LatinX students.
  • Advanced the Cornerstone initiative, focused on removing racial disparity in the industry by actively seeking to support and develop Black- and LatinX-owned businesses in the sportswear and fashion industry. As part of this initiative, adidas will increase the diversity of its supplier base, invest time, expertise and funding to boost their digital presence, and partner with them to identify and address needs in their local communities.  
  • Helped found Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition, a program that provides a bridge to success for Black and LatinX entrepreneurs who are launching tech, design, healthcare and consumer products/services start-ups. Black Ambition aims to elevate Black and LatinX entrepreneurs through two prize competitions culminating in a national event.  
  • Committed $10 million over the next three years to fund BeyGOOD partner social programs, organizations, and/or initiatives that help bring equity to those disproportionately impacted by social and racial injustice. In 2020, adidas contributed $2 million to the Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund created by BeyGOOD and the NAACP. 

adidas’ community programs are focused on increasing access to sport (through adidas Legacy), increasing access to education (through SEED), and increasing access to creative pursuits (through Sound Labs and Makers Lab), as well as a holistic sports, academic and social mentoring program, Beyond. 


In collaboration with employees and external partners, adidas is setting new standards to ensure it is delivering on its commitments.

  • Launched the Global Committee to Accelerate Inclusion and Equality, comprised of a group of diverse leaders. The Committee provides regular updates to the Board and aims to create transparency for all employees via internal communication. 
  • Created the United Against Racism Accountability Councils in the U.S. and Canada to provide oversight and acceleration for all UAR targets, policies and commitments.


Reebok is equally committed to driving greater diversity, equality and inclusion.

  • Invested $15 million over the next five years into Black and LatinX communities and organizations focused on ending racial injustice. 
  • Relaunching the Reebok Human Rights Award to support and honor activists who are working to dismantle systemic racism. 
  • Increasing the focus on its non-profit school exercise program, BOKS, to Black and LatinX communities, including a new $200,000 grant program that will support its efforts to provide equal access to physical activity and play to more children in these communities.