Factsheet: Inclusion & Equality Commitments

adidas and Reebok have always been and will always be against discrimination in all forms and we stand united against racism.
Factsheet: Inclusion & Equality Commitments
HerzogenaurachAugust 28, 2020

Since June 9, adidas has made a series of new commitments, including:

  • Establishing a global Committee to Accelerate Inclusion & Equality, sponsored by CEO Kasper Rorsted to focus on the advancement of underrepresented groups and drive company-wide change. The Committee includes company decision makers as well as representatives from all adidas regions and people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.  
  • Strengthening our Global Anti-Discrimination and Non-Retaliation Policy. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, including microaggression.
  • Reforming hiring and career development processes to ensure fair and equitable hiring across adidas – removing hiring bias, increasing representation and creating more accountability and oversight. We are reviewing our existing mentoring and development programs to ensure they capture more diversity.
  • Signing The Juneteenth Pledge which calls on companies globally to make June 19, Juneteenth, a paid holiday for employees in the U.S. and to identify a relevant day in international offices to reflect on the value of diversity and inclusion and learn more about the steps taken towards a more inclusive adidas.
  • Increasing support for BIPOC communities by increasing investment in diverse businesses and startups, increasing supplier diversity, and working with employee groups in local markets to grow community outreach.

We have made further commitments in the U.S. where we will learn from various initiatives and plan to scale them to our markets where we can as appropriate. These include:

  • Announcing new minimum targets in the U.S. for increased representation of Black and LatinX people within our U.S. workforce, including:
    • A new target that a minimum of 30 percent of all open positions (internal and external) will be filled with Black and LatinX talent
    • A new target that 50 percent of all open positions will be filled with diverse talent, inclusive of all diverse categories (gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran)
    • A new target of 20 to 23 percent Black and LatinX employees in corporate roles by 2025, and 12 percent in leadership positions in the U.S.
  • Funding 50 university scholarships in the U.S. each year for Black students at partner schools. 
  • Investing $120 million towards U.S. initiatives focused on ending racial injustice and/or supporting Black communities through 2025. Through our online donation platform DEED we will match employee donations by 200 percent to support these causes.
  • To provide oversight in the delivery of these commitments, we are also establishing employee-led accountability committees. For example, the U.S. United Against Racism Accountability Council is a panel of 12 employees who were elected by their peers and a group of external partners, creators and athletes.