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www.press.adidas.com Now Offers Comprehensive Olympic Information

August 18, 2000

Herzogenaurach, 18/08/2000 - Journalists and investors all over the world now have access to important materials such as print-quality photos and athlete biographies with just a few clicks of a button, thanks to the Web site www.press.adidas.com. The site is designed to provide media with relevant tools for adidas athletes, teams, advertising, technologies and products in Sydney. It will be updated frequently before the Games, and daily once the competition begins. Here’s an overview of the sections:

The NEWS\EVENTS CALENDAR section contains updates on adidas athletes’ accomplishments and adidas press events during the Games. It also contains directions to the adidas facility in Sydney.

In the ATHLETES\TEAMS page, you will find individual fact sheets for dozens of the leading athletes and participating teams wearing adidas in Sydney. Besides the well-known names, such as Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe or World Champion sprinter Ato Boldon, this will be updated to include information on many athletes who don’t normally make headlines, like the gold medal winning Greek weightlifter Pyrros Dimas or French fencer Laura Flessel. 

The TECHNOLOGY\PRODUCTS area showcases new technologies in both apparel and footwear from adidas that will be used in Sydney. These revolutionary products are in six sports—cycling, fencing, swimming, track and field, weightlifting and wrestling. 

By clicking on the PRESS RELEASES link, you can view a comprehensive list of the latest adidas press releases regarding all adidas’ Sydney-related activities. Each is available for download in rich text format which is cross-platform compatible. Where relevant, there are also links to press releases within the other content sections. 

In the IMAGES gallery, each image is available to download as a web quality image in jpeg format (72dpi) or as a large, print-quality picture (300dpi). This includes shots of adidas athletes and products, and will be updated to include pictures from adidas events in Sydney. All images may be used free of charge for editorial purposes. 

The VIDEO library provides multimedia clips and video downloads in both RealPlayer and AVI format. These provide a sample of the video footage available to media. Beta tapes can be ordered by television media and will be shipped within 48 hours (weekends excluded). 

The site is maintained by AnswerThink of London. Please visit often for the most recent content updates.