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adidas' Olympic History

August 05, 2000

Herzogenaurach, 20/07/2000 - Please experience the long history and success of adidas' Olympic Games.

1926 - Adi Dassler makes the first track shoe with a complete leather sole and hand forged spikes. 

1928 Amsterdam - Adi Dassler produces the "Waitzer", the first track shoes for an Olympic athlete. 

1932 Los Angeles - Arthur Jonath places third in the 100 meters, becoming the first athlete to win a medal in shoes made by Adi Dassler. 

1936 Berlin - Jesse Owens wins four GOLD medals wearing shoes that boast specially positioned spikes and a low-cut upper. 

1949 - The "adidas three stripes" are registered and appear on track shoes for the first time. 

1952 Helsinki - Emil Zatopek wins three GOLD medals in one week. 

1955 - High jumping is revolutionized with a shoe featuring exchangeable spikes. 

1956 Melbourne - Al Oerter wins the first of his four GOLD medals. 

1957 - The first track shoe made with a nylon sole and four spikes. 

1960 Rome - Wilma Rudolph wins three GOLD medals. 

1964 Tokyo - Billy Mills is the surprise winner in the men's 10,000 meters; adidas showcases the lightest track shoe ever produced. 

1968 Mexico City - Dick Fosbury leaps to history in the high jump. 

1969 - The first weightlifting shoe with a wooden sole is produced. 

1972 Munich - Teofilo Stevenson collects the second of his three boxing GOLDS. 

1976 Montreal - Nadia Comaneci registers the first "10" in gymnastics history. 

1980 Moscow - Daley Thompson wins the first of two GOLDS in the decathlon. 

1984 Los Angeles - Edwin Moses takes Olympic GOLD with his 105th straight win in the 400 meter hurdles. 

1988 Seoul - Steffi Graf wins the women's singles GOLD in tennis. 

1991 - adidas EQUIPMENT, the performance range based on athletes' needs, is launched. 

1992 Barcelona - Naim Süleymanoglu earns his second of three GOLDS in weightlifting. 

1996 Atlanta - Donovan Bailey takes GOLD and breaks the WORLD record in the men's 100 meters, Nourredine Morceli earns GOLD in the 1500 meters and Haile Gebrselassie takes GOLD in the 10,000 meters.