Nov 29, 2023

Let’s Talk About Design: Our adidas x KoRn Collab

Senior graphic designer Joe Stothard takes you behind the curtain of how the Korn collab came about and the people who were involved.
by Joe Stothardstaff

There are many cool projects us designers, such as myself, have seen over the years. I’ve had the rare and fortunate opportunity to see amazing work from our colleagues and hear all the stories behind the designs. One of those projects was our collaboration with Korn.

The story about how the Korn partnership went down and the designs that came about was pretty special, and I was fascinated to find out how this project evolved. Many times, only us designers – outside of a few friends and family – have the inside story on what happened behind the scenes of a collab. But this story was too good to keep to ourselves. Now I’d like to share their journey with all of you…