May 29, 2024

Bringing ‘You Got This’ to Life in 2024

Carly Rushford and Nicole McAdoo share their experience working on Chapter 1 and 2 of the 2024 Brand Campaign.
by Carly Rushford and Nicole McAdoo Senior Managers of Global Brand Communications

Carly Rushford and Nicole McAdoo, both Senior Managers of Global Brand Communications, share their experience working on Chapter 1 and 2 of the 2024 Brand Campaign. This year’s brand campaigns kicked off our three-plus-year journey to re-establish adidas as the best sports brand in the world and launch “You Got This.”

Carly’s experience working on Chapter 1

Over 18 months ago, we began to figure out and redefine how athletes enjoy sport. We were losing touch with Gen-Z, and we knew they were losing touch with sport. In talking with our consumers, we repeatedly heard that pressure makes everything feel impossible. Sport wasn’t fun anymore when negative pressure was coming from all angles. The most vocalized point was the disconnect from sport due to the expectations of others – pressure from parents, coaches, friends, and teammates – to perform in a way that felt heavy and intense.

Through conversations and strategic development, we sought to define our brand’s role in helping consumers return to the enjoyment in sport. As the brand of possibilities, we wanted to land in a space that helps people believe they can disarm negative pressure and play sport on their terms. We wanted to bring them back to where they first fell in love with sport, like their own backyard, reminding them that sport can be played without pressure.

In collaboration with key stakeholders and through production preparation, our team set out to bring the campaign to life in three chapters. Launched in February 2024, Chapter 1 focused on everyday athletes, as we wanted to focus on reconnecting with everyday people. To get Chapter 1 up and running was an intense few months that involved long days that turned into late nights, and endless discussions around every little creative detail, making the work what it is today.

As a result, our first chapter of the brand campaign landed the message that despite all the negative pressures that come from sports, we want you to know, “You Got This.” It’s a positive rallying cry that motivates all people to believe that they can overcome pressure and achieve their personal possibilities in sports.

Nicole shares what it was like to bring on football with Chapter 2

Chapter 1 set the bar high and reconnected our brand with everyday athletes, but for Chapter 2, our focus was on demonstrating how our rallying cry lands with our partners, the elite athletes across the world. With 2024 being a summer of football, having both the Euro and Copa America tournaments taking place, we knew that the next chapter of our brand story needed to be told through the lens of football.

As we set out to develop the campaign, we listened to our partners, we looked to up-and-coming stars and seasoned veterans to share their experience on pressure, and how they overcome it. The overarching sentiment was that right now, there is a lot of pressure and expectations within the game. When our partners suit up to play for their nation, it’s pressure at the highest level for them, but they are able to overcome it by remembering what they enjoy most about the beautiful game. They remember the pressure-free experience of playing football while growing up, whether in their backyard, park, or neighbourhood street. When they enter that mindset, they are able to play past those pressures and expectations.

That’s the sentiment what we set out to capture in Chapter 2. We wanted to show our partners, who will be competing in the Euro or Copa America tournaments, overcoming those external forces to enjoy sport on the highest level. We collaborated with markets, Business Unit’s, and our Athlete Activation team to create content that reflected the truth of our partners stories and highlight their personalities as they get ready for the summer’s biggest football stage.

Shooting Styles

You’ll see that throughout 2024, we not only wanted to land “You Got This,” but also land sports credibility. Throughout the 3D and 2D creative across all chapters, we have stayed authentic to the sports we captured. In Chapter 1, our everyday athletes were shot in action, highlighting them confidently playing sport on their terms. For Chapter 2, all the 2D assets we captured came from in-game scenarios with our hero athletes in the throes of real competition - where a win or loss was on the line. We were able to utilize editing magic to redress the in-game images with the latest federation kits and boots that partners will be wearing this summer. The approach we have taken lands sports credibility no matter who the audience is.

We’re Bringing the Fun Back into Sport

We’ll continue to build upon our backyard mindset storytelling through 2024 and well into 2025. With our cross-functional partners stationed worldwide in Portland, Herzogenaurach, Dubai, Amsterdam, and London, we can’t wait for everyone to tap into their backyard mindset.

Over the three chapters in this year’s brand campaign, we’ll be hitting home the message that if you take a step back and have a moment of self-reflection, it’s only a game, it’s only a kick, it’s only a moment distilled down to something so small that anyone can handle it. And we’re here, as a brand, to remind you that “You Got This.”