Jun 05, 2024

A Collective Commitment in Latin America: Tree Conservation and Restoration Efforts

Watch how our Latin American teams are giving back to the environment one tree at a time.
by Valentina Gonzalez Sr Manager Internal Communications

Trees are the silent guardians of our planet and play an essential role in our existence. They combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and releasing the very oxygen we breathe into our lungs. Our wooded protectors also provide many sustainable income opportunities, whether it be though tree nurseries, planting, tending, and monitoring tree growth and their health—women, in particular, benefit from these nurturing activities.  

In the heart of Latin America, our commitment to sustainability takes root as we aim to expand and protect our tree communities.   

Boosting our ecological and socio-economic impact by planting even more trees 

Our dual focus on ecology and the socio-economics of tree planting aligns seamlessly with adidas’ sustainability strategy, ensuring a greener, more equitable future for all. We’re committed to “No Deforestation” and it’s even embedded within our brand vision for 2030. As part of this commitment, we have undertaken the “Restauración Forestal” across the Latin American region, starting with Colombia, Argentina, and Peru; and we’re gaining momentum through volunteer work under this commitment. 

Restoration isn’t just about planting trees 

“Restauración forestal” goes beyond mere tree planting. We’re taking into account the entire ecosystem, ensuring that nature heals and thrives, so that we can better preserve the Amazon, safeguard Latin American biodiversity, and protect our water resources. Watch the video down below to see our commitment in action.  

Together, we’re nurturing the earth, one tree at a time