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adidas AG: Publication according to § 26 paragraph. 1 WpHG with the objective of Europe-wide distribution

Notification of voting rights pursuant to Art. 25a, Sec. 1 WpHG We received the following notification pursuant to Art. 25a, Sec. 1 WpHG on November 27, 2014: 1. Listed company: adidas AG Adi-Dassler-Straße 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany 2. Notifier: Société Générale S.A., Paris, France 3. Triggering
adidas AG 02.12.2014 09:56Dissemination of a Voting Rights Announcement, transmitted byDGAP - a service of EQS Group AG.The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Notification of voting rights pursuant to Art. 25a, Sec. 1 WpHGWe received the following notification pursuant to Art. 25a, Sec. 1 WpHG onNovember 27, 2014:1. Listed company:adidas AGAdi-Dassler-Straße 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany2. Notifier:Société Générale S.A., Paris, France 3. Triggering event:Exceeding Threshold4. Threshold(s) crossed or reached:5%5. Date at which the threshold is crossed or reached:24.11.20146. Total amount of voting rights:5.09% (equals 10652316 voting rights)calculated from the following total number of voting rights issued:2092161867. Detailed information on the voting rights proportion:Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant toArt. 25a, Sec. 1 WpHG:4.51% (equals 9445914 voting rights)thereof held indirectly:1.58% (equals 3299520 voting rights)Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant tosec. 25 WpHG:0.56% (equals 1166330 voting rights)thereof held indirectly:0.00% (equals 0 voting rights)Voting rights pursuant to sec. 21, 22 WpHG:0.02% (equals 40072 voting rights)8. Detailed information on financial/other instruments pursuant to Art.25a, Sec. 1 WpHG:Chain of controlled undertakings:Société Générale Effekten GmbHISIN or name/description of the financial/other instrument:Certificate               DE000VT8SMH6, Maturity:            19.12.2014  Certificate               DE000US1P9X9, Maturity:            20.03.2015Future                                , Maturity:            16.01.2015OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            19.12.2014OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            02.01.2015OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            05.01.2015OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            20.03.2015OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            19.06.2015OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            18.09.2015OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            18.12.2015OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            16.12.2016OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            15.12.2017OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            14.12.2018OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            21.12.2018OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            20.12.2019OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            18.12.2020OTC call-option                       , Maturity:            03.01.2025OTC put-option                        , Maturity:            02.01.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG3T5W2, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed call warrant       DE000SG3T5X0, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed call warrant       DE000SG4VM25, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed call warrant       DE000SG4VM33, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed call warrant       DE000SG2WSX5, Maturity:            05.01.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG2WSY3, Maturity:            05.01.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG2WSZ0, Maturity:            05.01.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY14, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY22, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY30, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY48, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY55, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY63, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY71, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed call warrant       DE000HY5BHV0, Maturity:            17.06.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY89, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KY97, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZA4, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZB2, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZC0, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZD8, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZE6, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZF3, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZG1, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZH9, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZJ5, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZK3, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZL1, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZM9, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG12FG5, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG12FH3, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG2ESZ8, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG3T5Y8, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG3T5Z5, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZN7, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZP2, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZQ0, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZR8, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZS6, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG6KZT4, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed call warrant       DE000SG2LT06, Maturity:            16.12.2016Listed call warrant       DE000SG2LTY4, Maturity:            16.12.2016Listed call warrant       DE000SG2LTZ1, Maturity:            16.12.2016Listed call warrant       DE000SG3T502, Maturity:            16.12.2016Listed call warrant       DE000SG26S28, Maturity:            15.12.2017Listed call warrant       DE000SG26S36, Maturity:            15.12.2017Listed call warrant       DE000SG26S44, Maturity:            15.12.2017Listed call warrant       DE000SG3T510, Maturity:            15.12.2017Listed call warrant       DE000SG32K36, Maturity:            14.12.2018Listed call warrant       DE000SG32K44, Maturity:            14.12.2018Listed call warrant       DE000SG32K51, Maturity:            14.12.2018Listed call warrant       DE000SG47KY4, Maturity:            21.12.2018Listed call warrant       DE000SG47K05, Maturity:            20.12.2019Listed call warrant       DE000SG47KZ1, Maturity:            20.12.2019Listed call warrant       DE000SG47K21, Maturity:            18.12.2020Listed call warrant       DE000SG47K39, Maturity:            18.12.2020Listed call warrant       DE000SG47K47, Maturity:            18.12.2020Listed call warrant       DE000SG53Z33, Maturity:            03.01.2025Listed call warrant       DE000SG6BGH8, Maturity:            03.01.2025Listed call warrant       DE000SG6NLK7, Maturity:            03.01.2025Listed put warrant        DE000SG4F301, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG4N4A6, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG4N4B4, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG4VZM1, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG4VZN9, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG4VZP4, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG4VZQ2, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG4VZS8, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG52M88, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG52M96, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NA8, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NB6, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NC4, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG56602, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG56610, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG56644, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG56651, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG56669, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG566Z0, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG5QRW4, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG5QRX2, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG5V057, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG5V065, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG5WAK3, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG5XPR4, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG6EXG9, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG6EXH7, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        FR0011693233, Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put warrant        DE000SG478B9, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG50AC5, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NE0, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NF7, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NG5, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NH3, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NJ9, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NK7, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52SC3, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52SD1, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567F0, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567G8, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567H6, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567J2, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567K0, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567L8, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567M6, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5BL86, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5QRY0, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5QRZ7, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5V1B9, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5V1C7, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5WAL1, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5XPS2, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6EXJ3, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6EXK1, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GE97, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZN5, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZP0, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZQ8, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZR6, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZS4, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZT2, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZU0, Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NM3, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NN1, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NP6, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NQ4, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52NR2, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52SJ8, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52SK6, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567N4, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567P9, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567Q7, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567R5, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567S3, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567T1, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567U9, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG59TC6, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5BMD7, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5BME5, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5QR00, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5QR18, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5V1F0, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5WAM9, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG5XPT0, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6EXL9, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFE6, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFF3, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFG1, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ04, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ12, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZV8, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZW6, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZX4, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZY2, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZZ9, Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52ZK1, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52ZL9, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52ZM7, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG52ZN5, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG53B07, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG53B15, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG53B23, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG56701, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG56719, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567W5, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567X3, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567Y1, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG567Z8, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG59ZT7, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG59ZU5, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6EXM7, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFH9, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFJ5, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFM9, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFP2, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFQ0, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFR8, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ20, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ38, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ46, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ53, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ61, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ79, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ87, Maturity:            18.09.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF05, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF13, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF21, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF39, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF54, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF62, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF70, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF88, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GF96, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFT4, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFU2, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFW8, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFX6, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6GFZ1, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6L0A4, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6L0B2, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6L0C0, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG6LZ95, Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put warrant        DE000SG53Z66, Maturity:            03.01.2025Listed put warrant        DE000SG5X3V1, Maturity:            03.01.2025OTC put-option                        , Maturity:            19.12.2014OTC put-option                        , Maturity:            17.06.2016Listed put-option                     , Maturity:            19.12.2014Listed put-option                     , Maturity:            20.03.2015Listed put-option                     , Maturity:            19.06.2015Listed put-option                     , Maturity:            18.12.2015Listed put-option                     , Maturity:            15.12.201702.12.2014 The DGAP Distribution Services include Regulatory Announcements,Financial/Corporate News and Press Releases.Media archive at www.dgap-medientreff.de and www.dgap.de--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Language:     EnglishCompany:      adidas AG              Adi-Dassler-Straße 1              91074 Herzogenaurach              GermanyInternet:     www.adidas-group.com End of Announcement                     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