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adidas AG: Publication according to § 26 paragraph. 1 WpHG with the objective of Europe-wide distribution

Notification of voting rights pursuant to sec. 25a WpHG We received the following notification pursuant to sec. 25a WpHG on May 22, 2013: 1. Listed company: adidas AG Adi-Dassler-Straße 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany 2. Notifier: Société Générale SA, Paris, France 3. Triggering event: Falling below
adidas AG 23.05.2013 10:35Dissemination of a Voting Rights Announcement, transmitted byDGAP - a company of EquityStory AG.The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Notification of voting rights pursuant to sec. 25a WpHGWe received the following notification pursuant to sec. 25a WpHG on May 22,2013:1. Listed company:adidas AGAdi-Dassler-Straße 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany2. Notifier:Société Générale SA, Paris, France 3. Triggering event:Falling below threshold4. Threshold(s) crossed or reached:5%5. Date at which the threshold is crossed or reached:14.05.20136. Total amount of voting rights:4.32% (equals 9035100 voting rights)calculated from the following total number of voting rights issued:2092161867. Detailed information on the voting rights proportion:Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant tosec. 25a WpHG:4.08% (equals 8527141 voting rights)thereof held indirectly:1.74% (equals 3642900 voting rights)Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant tosec. 25 WpHG:0.22% (equals 463822 voting rights)thereof held indirectly:0% (equals 0 voting rights)Voting rights pursuant to sec. 21, 22 WpHG:0.02% (equals 44137 voting rights)8. Detailed information on financial/other instruments pursuant to sec. 25aWpHG:Chain of controlled undertakings:Société Générale Effekten GmbHISIN or name/description                  Maturity        Expirationof the instrument                         month/day/year25a WpHGCertificate DE000BN9X9W4                  12/20/2013Certificate DE000UB6SG31                  06/28/2013Certificate DE000UB6SG56                  06/28/2013Certificate DE000UB6SGZ5                  06/28/2013Equity Linked Swap                  04/29/2013 - 05/23/2013Listed call Warrant DE000SG0TE31          01/03/2025Listed call Warrant DE000SG12FG5          12/18/2015Listed call Warrant DE000SG12FH3          12/18/2015Listed call Warrant DE000SG26S28          12/15/2017Listed call Warrant DE000SG26S36          12/15/2017Listed call Warrant DE000SG26S44          12/15/2017Listed call Warrant DE000SG2ESZ8          12/18/2015Listed call Warrant DE000SG2LT06          12/16/2016Listed call Warrant DE000SG2LTY4          12/16/2016Listed call Warrant DE000SG2LTZ1          12/16/2016Listed call Warrant DE000SG2WSX5          01/05/2015Listed call Warrant DE000SG2WSY3          01/05/2015Listed call Warrant DE000SG2WSZ0          01/05/2015Listed call Warrant DE000SG32K36          12/14/2018Listed call Warrant DE000SG32K44          12/14/2018Listed call Warrant DE000SG32K51          12/14/2018Listed call Warrant DE000SG35X04          01/03/2025Listed call Warrant DE000SG3ED85          01/03/2025Listed call Warrant DE000SG3LLN2          01/03/2025Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T502          12/16/2016Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T510          12/15/2017Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T5W2          12/19/2014Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T5X0          12/19/2014Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T5Y8          12/18/2015Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T5Z5          12/18/2015Listed put Warrant DE000SG30540           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30573           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30581           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG306A4           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L03           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L29           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L37           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L45           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L52           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30LV4           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG30LW2           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG356Q5           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG356R3           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG356S1           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG356T9           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG356U7           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG356V5           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG356W3           06/20/2014Listed put Warrant DE000SG356X1           06/20/2014Listed put Warrant DE000SG356Y9           06/20/2014Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BK3           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BL1           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BM9           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BN7           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BP2           03/21/2014Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BQ0           03/21/2014Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BR8           03/21/2014Listed put Warrant DE000SG3PYD7           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3PYE5           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3PYJ4           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBG0           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBH8           06/21/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBJ4           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBK2           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBL0           09/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBM8           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBN6           12/20/2013Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBP1           12/20/2013Structured call option                    01/02/2015Structured call option                    01/03/2025Structured call option                    01/05/2015Structured call option                    12/14/2018Structured call option                    12/15/2017Structured call option                    12/16/2016Structured call option                    12/18/2015Structured call option                    12/19/2014Structured put option                     01/02/2015Physically-settled put optionsListed put option                         06/21/2013Listed put option                         12/20/2013Structured put option                     06/21/2013Structured put option                     03/21/201423.05.2013 DGAP's Distribution Services include Regulatory Announcements,Financial/Corporate News and Press Releases.Media archive at www.dgap-medientreff.de and www.dgap.de--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Language:     EnglishCompany:      adidas AG              Adi-Dassler-Straße 1              91074 Herzogenaurach              GermanyInternet:     www.adidas-group.com End of Announcement     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