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adidas returns more than € 3,100 million to shareholders in 2022

In December 2021, adidas had introduced its latest multi-year share buyback program. The first tranche of this program launched on January 10, 2022 and was completed on February 22, 2022. During that period, the company bought back 4,156,558 shares for a total amount of € 1,000 million. In addition to the company’s regular buyback activities and against the background of the formal closing of the Reebok divestiture on February 28, 2022, adidas launched a second share buyback program to return the cash proceeds from the Reebok divestiture to its shareholders. As a result, between March 14 and October 10, 2022, adidas bought back 8,978,138 shares for a total consideration of € 1,500 million. Taking into account both share buybacks, adidas bought back 13,134,696 shares for a total amount of € 2,500 million in 2022. Including the dividend payment of € 610 million in May 2022, the company returned more than € 3,100 million to its shareholders in 2022. After the completion of both share buybacks in 2022, adidas decided to cancel a total of 12,100,000 treasury shares, reducing the company’s share count and stock capital accordingly.