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Nominal Capital

Nominal capital development of adidas AG since 1995

The nominal capital of adidas AG currently amounts to EUR 200,416,186 and is divided into 200,416,186 registered no-par-value shares.

Further information on the current amounts of authorized or contingent capital approved by our shareholders and filed with the Commercial Register can be taken from § 4 of the Articles of Association of adidas AG.

Hereafter, please find a chart summarizing the development of the nominal capital of adidas AG since going public in 1995.

Nominal Capital development


MeasureNominal CapitalNumber of Shares
11/11/1995Going PublicDM 226,746,00045,349,200
bearer shares with
par value
08/27/1999Conversion to no-par-value shares denominated in euros;
simultaneous increase from company reserves by EUR 160,563.11 without issuing new shares to achieve even amounts for the accounting value of the participation in the nominal capital attributed to each no-par-value share
EUR 115,933,388.89

EUR 116,093,952.00
bearer shares
10/08/2002Increase by EUR 187,648 through issuing 73,300 new shares from contingent capital in connection with the MSOP¹EUR 116,281,600.0045,422,500
01/16/2003Increase by EUR 45,440 through issuing 17,750 new shares¹EUR 116,327,040.0045,440,250
07/04/2003Increase by EUR 34,560 through issuing 13,500 new shares¹EUR 116,361,600.0045,453,750
01/12/2004Increase by EUR 213,248 through issuing 83,300 new shares¹EUR 116,574,848.0045,537,050
07/05/2004Increase by EUR 387,456 through issuing 151,350 new shares¹EUR 116,962,304.0045,688,400
10/01/2004Increase by EUR 436,736 through issuing 170,600 new shares¹EUR 117,399,040.0045,859,000
01/05/2005Increase by EUR 207,488 through issuing 81,050 new shares¹EUR 117,606,528.0045,940,050
06/30/2005Increase by EUR 214,028.80 through issuing 83,605 new shares¹EUR 117,820,556.8046,023,655
10/04/2005Increase by EUR 529,536 through issuing 206,850 new shares¹EUR 118,350,092.8046,230,505
11/04/2005Increase by EUR 11,600,000 through issuing 4,531,250 new shares from authorized capitalEUR 129,950,092.8050,761,755
01/03/2006Increase by EUR 141,568 through issuing 55,300 new shares¹EUR 130,091,660.8050,817,055
05/29/2006Increase by EUR 73,176,559.20 from company reserves without issuing new shares; stock split at a ratio of 1:4 (implementation at the stock exchange effective on June 6, 2006)EUR 203,268,220.00203,268,220
End of May 2006Increase by EUR 1,960 through issuing 1,960 new shares following the exercise of a conversion right based on a bond in the amount of EUR 50,000²EUR 203,270,180.00203,270,180
07/07/2006Increase by EUR 226,680 through issuing 226,680 new shares¹EUR 203,496,860.00203,496,860
10/09/2006Increase by EUR 40,000 through issuing 40,000 new shares¹EUR 203,536,860.00203,536,860
01/12/2007Increase by EUR 30,200 through issuing 30,200 new shares¹EUR 203,567,060.00203,567,060
07/06/2007Increase by EUR 58,000 through issuing 58,000 new shares¹EUR 203,625,060.00203,625,060
10/08/2007Increase by EUR 3,900 through issuing 3,900 new shares¹EUR 203,628,960.00203,628,960
01/15/2008Increase by EUR 16,000 through issuing 16,000 new shares¹EUR 203,644,960.00203,644,960
07/02/2008Reduction of nominal capital by EUR 5,511,023 through cancellation of 5,511,023 treasury shares³EUR 198,133,937.00198,133,937
07/04/2008Increase by EUR 44,400 through issuing 44,400 new shares¹EUR 198,178,337.00198,178,337
10/06/2008Increase by EUR 8,400 through issuing 8,400 new shares¹EUR 198,186,737.00198,186,737
12/15/2008Reduction of nominal capital by EUR 4,671,225 through cancellation of 4,671,225 treasury shares³EUR 193,515,512.00193,515,512
10/05/2009Increase by EUR 16,400 through issuing 16,400 new shares¹EUR 193,531,912.00193,531,912
11/09/2009Increase by EUR 15,684,274 through issuing 15,684,274 new shares following the exercise of conversion rights based on 7,999 bonds in the amount of EUR 50,000 each²EUR 209,216,186.00209,216,186
10/11/2010Conversion to registered no-par-value sharesEUR 209,216,186.00


10/22/2018Reduction of nominal capital by EUR 8,800,000 through cancellation of 8,800,000 treasury sharesEUR 200,416,186.00200,416,186

1) based on the exercise of subscription rights in connection with the Management Share Option Plan ("MSOP") of the Company (see authorization resolution adopted by the Annual General Meeting of May 20, 1999 in the version of the resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of May 8, 2002, of May 13, 2004 and of May 11, 2006).
2) based on the exercise of conversion rights in connection with the Convertible Bond 2003/2018 (see authorization resolution adopted by the Annual General Meeting of May 8, 2003).
3) based on the Share Buyback Program of adidas AG announced on January 29, 2008, during the course of which adidas AG had purchased a total of EUR 10,182,248 shares via the stock exchange between January 30, 2008 and October 22, 2008.