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This is where we think, create, and perform.

If you want a job done well, you must create the right conditions for it.

Adi Dassler, founder of adidas

Employees – just like athletes – need an environment that motivates, inspires and empowers them to perform at their best. A workplace that is built upon our culture and enables creativity to thrive.

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MyArena workplace concept

MyArena is a globally applied activity-based working concept which means that employees no longer have assigned desks and instead choose from a variety of rooms and spaces, dependent on their needs.

The adidas headquarters

Located on a 54-acre site, the main adidas headquarters, the World of Sports, is often compared to a university campus. Besides offices, the campus is home to playing fields, the adidas Consumer Center, award-winning cafeterias, lakes and state-of-the-art buildings.

The World of Sports offers an extensive range of new workplace concepts, in which employees can find the ideal place to perform.

'Halftime' is a 14,000 m2 event center with an integrated employee restaurant that is designed with an open floor plan and rooms that are adaptable to different configurations, such as private meetings, discussions and workshops.



In 2019, a new building called Arena was inaugurated as the company’s new main office building with capacity for around 2,000 employees, centralizing most of the employees in Herzogenaurach on the World of Sports campus. Arena fully embraces our newly established workplace concept MyArena, branching out this workspace success across the entire campus.

To enable work-sport integration, the campus provides a variety of sports and fitness options for adidas employees. The Adi Dassler Stadium with its 400-meter track and full-size football pitch is part of a full offering of sporting facilities. The surrounding forest trails are great for a run at lunchtime.

Other facilities include: the adidas Gym, running tracks, tennis court, beach volleyball courts, basketball court, skatepark.

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