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We are better together

We Are Better Together

Straying from the Fitness norm

In 2010, Reebok seized an opportunity to be the world’s first brand dedicated wholly to the sport of fitness. Not just normal, everyday fitness, though. Reebok dedicated itself to the kind of fitness that forms a deeper connection to what we can do and who we are.

We are better together

The Fit Generation – a generation hungry to get back to the basics – was ready to take full advantage of Reebok’s tough fitness mentality. They once lived in a world where their workouts were more likely to be solitary and monotonous; a world where treadmills, ellipticals and lonely sets of ten were the expectation. It became Reebok’s mission to work tirelessly to help the FitGen make the change they were yearning for and move toward a belief instilled deep down in all of us: We Are Better Together. 

This fitness movement showcases the true power of collective energy that brings out the best and compels us to push past our limits with every push up, pull up, squat, and beyond. There is a significant difference between working toward an individual goal and working toward a common goal with a group of people. Our people are our tribe and our family. The shared passions of the FitGen fuel us to go further and do more than we ever thought possible, not only in fitness but in life. When you don’t think you can do that last rep – simply look around. Seeing others pushing themselves right next to you is that boost of energy you need to finish and even excel. We can’t be the best version of ourselves physically, mentally and socially without doing it together and harnessing the strength that exists in numbers.

The strength exists in numbers

Partners with a purpose

When Reebok emphatically put the FitGen at the center of everything, we sought partners that would empower tough fitness in the same way an athlete’s workout partner empowers them in the gym.

It started with CrossFit – an intense fitness regimen built to best prepare athletes for any physical contingency. It’s the communal aspect of CrossFit, though, that makes it so effective. CrossFit is a community of relentless people who come together with calloused hands and sweat on their backs to test themselves and each other day in and day out.  

CrossFit was just the first partner to help us overtake mundane workout routines and reclaim the human spirit. Reebok now stands with the UFC, Spartan Race, and Les Mills to truly bring the power of collective energy alive. With the world’s foremost mixed martial arts organization, the leading obstacle racing series and a world-renowned group fitness programmer all in Reebok’s corner, there is nothing that stands in our way of challenging the status quo together.

The power of collective energy


You can truly be unstoppable when you believe in the power of a partner, group, or team – what Reebok considers to be your tribe. The Fit Generation demands more from fitness than ever before, and we are joining forces with your tribe and ours to bring the community of tough fitness together and propel it forward.