Honor the body you’ve been given

You get one life and you have to absolutely, positively make the most of it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks, to become completely enveloped in hundreds of emails, phone calls, text messages, and meetings.  We live our lives constantly connected, but the reality is that, in the age of continuous communication, we have become disconnected from the essence of ourselves – from what makes us human.

Each of us is a miracle — a living, breathing, walking, talking, running, climbing, jumping, caring miracle. A miracle that happens only once. At Reebok, we believe that no matter what your miracle looks like, it’s yours. You get one life and you have to absolutely, positively make the most of it. It is your duty to honor the body you’ve been given – because you have only one body to honor.

How can you do this? There’s certainly no miracle diet or quick fix. There’s no all-purpose routine that’s going to make you the way you want to be. Your body and mind respond no more to a fad than your soul does. It takes dedication, love and attention. It takes mental toughness, grit and attitude.

Your body is a miracle

At Reebok, we see tough fitness as the vehicle to truly reconnecting with your inner ‘humanness’ - the key to unlocking your limitless potential and truly honoring your body. We see it each day in ourselves and in tough fitness communities around the world. When people embrace tough fitness, they thrive – physically, mentally and socially.

Take Logan Aldridge, for example. Logan lost his left arm – his dominant arm - in a wakeboarding accident when he was 13 years old. He was told by doctors that he would never write again, and it appeared his dreams of playing competitive lacrosse would be crushed.

Logan didn’t let this challenge hold him back – “It’s only an arm,” he noted at a recent visit to Reebok’s Headquarters. Logan re-learned to write and continued to excel in athletics, playing Varsity level lacrosse at his high school. He has become a stellar CrossFitter and qualified for the 2015 U.S. Paralympics – feats that would seem impossible to some for a person with such a physical “disadvantage.”

To Logan, though, losing his arm has never been a disadvantage. He has capitalized on the cards life dealt him by embracing his own reality and setting his personal expectations above and beyond. Logan has undoubtedly honored his body, setting a standard that speaks to Reebok’s tough fitness mentality – to be better humans built and honed for the unknown obstacles of life. 

The Fit Generation knows that the body is the engine for a fulfilled existence and that the body and mind are one. Success is a combination of what you are capable of both on the inside and out, and Reebok stands behind a belief that honors every muscle in the human body.

When all muscles are worked, you become more capable and more powerful – not only in the gym, but in everything you do.