Wherever there’s a body, there’s a gym.

Reebok the gym is everywhere

The gym – that space that many of us have come to worship – can’t automatically make any of us better. It’s our job to animate the world around us, but we’ve been sorely misguided into believing that we have to put in this work within the four walls of a fitness center.

Here’s where it gets interesting: fitness can live anywhere you look… whether that’s a stairwell in the middle of a concrete jungle, or a tree branch on a mountainside perch, or a wide open field. The world was built to help us move. And these spaces mean so much more once we accept their invitations. We’re creating something bigger, better, stronger when we connect with the world around us. The invitation of improvement exists wherever we go, but it’s up to us to accept the opportunity.

Let’s take a second to ask ourselves: when did we close ourselves in? Why do we let others stunt our potential with their ideas of what counts and what doesn’t? Why not take a ride on the wild side, try something out of the pre-constructed ordinary?

Of course, it’s probably clear at this point that in our eyes, fitness isn’t just a routine or a chore. We think it’s the best expression of humanity’s creativity. Because we always think outside the box, anywhere we go we have everything we need to be our best. We walk, jog, and sprint our way towards growing a richer relationship with our environment and our world.

With this no-limits mentality, we’re most open to embracing whatever life hands our way. We’re able to be more human.

Expand your horizons

Call it whatever you want … the gym is a place people go to put in hard work and to expand their horizons. But all the machines and mirrors around us are meaningless without that dedication. So whether you choose to stretch and flex your muscles in the tranquility of the great outdoors, sweat it out on a spin bike with 20 other people, crawl through mud towards a finish line, or all of the above…

make that gym uniquely yours.