To make a difference is something many aspire to do in their lifetime. But where to start? What about right in front of you.

BOKS kids

At Reebok, we have a deep, unbridled desire to make a positive impact and help those around us, whether it is a single person or a community. We want to make you move to make you fitter, to challenge yourself and ultimately to live a better life. We believe that those who are fit are the greatest contributors. As a brand we’re committed to getting people moving and inspiring them to live a fit lifestyle. And this is how we make a difference. 

The BOKS Story

Between 7:00am and 8:00am, kids at hundreds of schools across the U.S. ready their bodies and minds for learning. In some households, it acts as an alarm clock as kids don’t want to miss a session. In others, kids are bringing home information about how to make healthy food choices or requesting more active outings on the weekends.

These kids are BOKS kids.

BOKS, the major initiative of the Reebok Foundation, stands for Build Our Kids’ Success. Founded by Kathleen Tullie in her hometown in Massachusetts, BOKS has expanded to hundreds of schools around the U.S. and in international markets as well.

The mission of BOKS is to promote the profound impact of physical activity on a child's mind, body and community.

Inspired by the book “Spark” by Dr. John Ratey of Harvard Medical School, BOKS uses a functional fitness curriculum, which mimics day-to-day movements and play to get kids up and moving in the morning – before school – thereby boosting both physical and mental health as well as confidence and well-being.


Reebok came on board back in 2008 when we were approached by a small group of dedicated and committed moms in the Boston area about t-shirts for a new before-school exercise programme. Reebok has always believed that we have a responsibility to the community around us. That is why the company decided to contribute much more than t-shirts.

Reebok knew the programme was something special and would truly help make a difference and, soon after, BOKS was born, giving kids an early start on their journey to live fit lives.

BOKS is not the only initiative we support to make a difference. Since 1986, the Reebok Foundation has strived to promote social and economic equality by funding programmes which support inner-city youth and underserved groups, primarily in the Greater Boston area. Over the years, the Reebok Foundation has worked with more than 500 non-profit organisations. Today, by supporting programmes like BOKS, the Reebok Foundation is also working to ensure that people all over the world are able to live healthy, happy lives.