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Messi - at adidas we don't dive to the ground

We don’t dive to the ground. We do not belong there.

Competition is a beautiful thing - as long as it’s based on respect, honesty and fair-play.

We are proud to support athletes around the world, and work with partners and suppliers who love competing as much as we do. We rely on each other to get the best possible results to move forward, one beautiful game at a time. But just like anyone else, we honour rules and expect fairness on the field of play. So if anyone wants to go ahead and force that foul, go right ahead and dive to the ground, but do not expect us to follow. We do not belong there. This is not about backing down, it is about fighting fair. With honesty and respect.

We will say it: sport can be pretty chaotic

If you have ever been involved in any kind of competitive match, you know that, no matter how beautiful the game, there are tackles and fouls, hits and pushes. It is part of the game we all play. Many of the things mostly happen in the heat of the moment when instinct takes over. Most of the time we all are willed to accept it as long as we can rely on what is most important: mutual and genuine respect. True sportsmen and -women respect each other, they respect the rules. Always.

What is true for the field of play is true for other areas of life as well. Because life can be chaotic as well. But in the end, it all comes down to how you treat the people you live with, you work with, you deal with. So when the going gets tough and things get messy, winning at any cost is one thing, respect is another.

If you need to cheat to get to the top, go right ahead, but don’t expect us to stand next to you when you have to give your medal back. If you need to weasel your way through paragraphs and contracts at the expense of your partners or workers, we cannot stop you, but we will step away. Yes, these standards are awfully high. And sometimes we make mistakes too. Sometimes a certain level of fight is to be expected. But in the end, it is about honesty and respect. It is about getting right back up, correcting your mistake and moving on.