Calling all Creators

We invite creators to take part by opening our company up for endless opportunities and creativity.

Creators Banner brand adidas

Sport is more powerful than gold medals and legendary titles. It has the power to unite, to challenge and to change lives. 

To us it is a calling and a belief that originated several decades ago when our founder Adi Dassler set out to make the best equipment for every athlete. Time might have passed, but the rules have stayed the same. In fact, we are still obsessed with helping athletes make a difference.

This is why we come to work every day, this is what has always made the difference for this brand – and will continue to do so. We strive to be the best sports brand we can be by designing, building and selling the best sports products combined with the best service and experience. 

We are the creators

In this competitive landscape, right at that border of sport and creativity where we set up camp, we are the creators in front of the white canvas creating the best for the athlete. We adapt to today’s world and landscape in the most collaborative, confident and creative way we can – just like our original creator Adi Dassler did.

When we go out to come up with the next innovation and original product to make athletes better, we look for purpose, we want to unlock real insight, we want to craft what is essential and immediate, we celebrate what is human, what draws us together, and reveal that we are all connected. And we invite creators to take part by opening our company up for endless opportunities and creativity. 

This open source, this new way, comes to life in something we call Futurecraft, a dedicated initiative to innovate across all elements of the production process for creators by creators. Think of it as a cycle: By creating new production methods that enable creators all over the world, including partners, collaborators and consumers, to customise, personalise and tailor their own design, these creators in return inspire each other and the next generation of adidas products.

Calling all creators, we are looking for (and at) those who want to actively participate in the process. It is a new way of working, a glimpse into a future full of innovative product possibilities to change the athletic world and unleash the creativity in all of us. And most importantly, it is a commitment to never stop breaking boundaries for our athletes so that they have the best possible equipment and can do the same.