Supervisory Board Election 2014

The term of office of all Supervisory Board members expires with the end of the Annual General Meeting on May 8, 2014. Pursuant to § 9 section 1 of the Articles of Association, §§ 96 section 1, 101 section 1 German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz - AktG) as well as § 7 section 1 sentence 1 number 1 German Co-Determination Act (Mitbestimmungsgesetz - MitbestG), the Supervisory Board shall be composed of six members to be elected by the shareholders and six members to be elected by the employees.

It is intended to carry out the Supervisory Board elections by individual voting.

The Annual General Meeting is not bound to any proposals for the election of the shareholder representatives.

The following candidate proposals are based on the recommendations of the Supervisory Board's Nomination Committee. These recommendations were made based on the requirements of the German Corporate Governance Code ("the Code") and taking into consideration the objectives for Supervisory Board composition as resolved by the Supervisory Board in February 2011 and February 2013.

The Supervisory Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting the following present members and new candidates for election into the Supervisory Board:

Dr. Stefan Jentzsch

PLACE OF RESIDENCE // London, Great Britain

EXERCISED PROFESSION // Corporate Finance Consultant, Partner, Perella Weinberg Partners UK LLP, London, Great Britain

Herbert Kauffmann

PLACE OF RESIDENCE // Stuttgart, Germany

EXERCISED PROFESSION // Independent Management Consultant, Stuttgart, Germany

Igor Landau

PLACE OF RESIDENCE // Lugano, Switzerland

EXERCISED PROFESSION // Pensioner, Member of the Board of Directors, Sanofi-Aventis S.A., Paris, France

Willi Schwerdtle

PLACE OF RESIDENCE // Munich, Germany

EXERCISED PROFESSION // Independent Management Consultant, Partner, WP Force Solutions GmbH (in the course of incorporation), Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe, Germany


Katja Kraus

PLACE OF RESIDENCE // Hamburg, Germany

EXERCISED PROFESSION // Managing Partner, Jung von Matt/sports GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Kathrin Menges

PLACE OF RESIDENCE // Neuss, Germany

EXERCISED PROFESSION // Executive Vice President Human Resources and Infrastructure Services, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Düsseldorf, Germany

Unless resolved otherwise by the Annual General Meeting, the members of the Supervisory Board shall be elected, in accordance with § 9 section 2 of the Articles of Association, for the period starting with the end of the Annual General Meeting on May 8, 2014 until the end of the Annual General Meeting resolving on the ratification of actions for the fourth financial year following the beginning of the term of office. The financial year in which the term of office begins is not counted.

Having first queried the proposed candidates, the Supervisory Board adds the following information regarding the nominations:  in the estimation of the Supervisory Board, no candidate has personal or business relations with adidas AG, its subsidiary companies or the managing bodies of adidas AG such as are subject to disclosure requirements under section 5.4.1 of the Code. The Company is not aware of any potential personal or business relationships with shareholders who hold a material interest in adidas AG.