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adidas AG: Publication according to § 26 paragraph. 1 WpHG with the objective of Europe-wide distribution

adidas AG 

23.05.2013 10:35

Dissemination of a Voting Rights Announcement, transmitted by
DGAP - a company of EquityStory AG.
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

Notification of voting rights pursuant to sec. 25a WpHG
We received the following notification pursuant to sec. 25a WpHG on May 22,

1. Listed company:
adidas AG
Adi-Dassler-Straße 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany

2. Notifier:
Société Générale SA, Paris, France 

3. Triggering event:
Falling below threshold

4. Threshold(s) crossed or reached:

5. Date at which the threshold is crossed or reached:

6. Total amount of voting rights:
4.32% (equals 9035100 voting rights)
calculated from the following total number of voting rights issued:

7. Detailed information on the voting rights proportion:

Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant to
sec. 25a WpHG:
4.08% (equals 8527141 voting rights)

thereof held indirectly:
1.74% (equals 3642900 voting rights)

Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant to
sec. 25 WpHG:
0.22% (equals 463822 voting rights)

thereof held indirectly:
0% (equals 0 voting rights)

Voting rights pursuant to sec. 21, 22 WpHG:
0.02% (equals 44137 voting rights)

8. Detailed information on financial/other instruments pursuant to sec. 25a

Chain of controlled undertakings:
Société Générale Effekten GmbH

ISIN or name/description                  Maturity        Expiration
of the instrument                         month/day/year

25a WpHG

Certificate DE000BN9X9W4                  12/20/2013
Certificate DE000UB6SG31                  06/28/2013
Certificate DE000UB6SG56                  06/28/2013
Certificate DE000UB6SGZ5                  06/28/2013
Equity Linked Swap                  04/29/2013 - 05/23/2013
Listed call Warrant DE000SG0TE31          01/03/2025
Listed call Warrant DE000SG12FG5          12/18/2015
Listed call Warrant DE000SG12FH3          12/18/2015
Listed call Warrant DE000SG26S28          12/15/2017
Listed call Warrant DE000SG26S36          12/15/2017
Listed call Warrant DE000SG26S44          12/15/2017
Listed call Warrant DE000SG2ESZ8          12/18/2015
Listed call Warrant DE000SG2LT06          12/16/2016
Listed call Warrant DE000SG2LTY4          12/16/2016
Listed call Warrant DE000SG2LTZ1          12/16/2016
Listed call Warrant DE000SG2WSX5          01/05/2015
Listed call Warrant DE000SG2WSY3          01/05/2015
Listed call Warrant DE000SG2WSZ0          01/05/2015
Listed call Warrant DE000SG32K36          12/14/2018
Listed call Warrant DE000SG32K44          12/14/2018
Listed call Warrant DE000SG32K51          12/14/2018
Listed call Warrant DE000SG35X04          01/03/2025
Listed call Warrant DE000SG3ED85          01/03/2025
Listed call Warrant DE000SG3LLN2          01/03/2025
Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T502          12/16/2016
Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T510          12/15/2017
Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T5W2          12/19/2014
Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T5X0          12/19/2014
Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T5Y8          12/18/2015
Listed call Warrant DE000SG3T5Z5          12/18/2015
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30540           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30573           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30581           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG306A4           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L03           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L29           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L37           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L45           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30L52           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30LV4           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG30LW2           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356Q5           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356R3           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356S1           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356T9           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356U7           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356V5           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356W3           06/20/2014
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356X1           06/20/2014
Listed put Warrant DE000SG356Y9           06/20/2014
Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BK3           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BL1           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BM9           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BN7           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BP2           03/21/2014
Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BQ0           03/21/2014
Listed put Warrant DE000SG37BR8           03/21/2014
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3PYD7           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3PYE5           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3PYJ4           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBG0           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBH8           06/21/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBJ4           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBK2           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBL0           09/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBM8           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBN6           12/20/2013
Listed put Warrant DE000SG3YBP1           12/20/2013
Structured call option                    01/02/2015
Structured call option                    01/03/2025
Structured call option                    01/05/2015
Structured call option                    12/14/2018
Structured call option                    12/15/2017
Structured call option                    12/16/2016
Structured call option                    12/18/2015
Structured call option                    12/19/2014
Structured put option                     01/02/2015
Physically-settled put options
Listed put option                         06/21/2013
Listed put option                         12/20/2013
Structured put option                     06/21/2013
Structured put option                     03/21/2014

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Language:     English
Company:      adidas AG
              Adi-Dassler-Straße 1
              91074 Herzogenaurach
Internet:     www.adidas-group.com
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