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Work-Life Integration

We aim to harmonise the commercial interests of the adidas Group with the private and family needs of our employees.

We build our success on people, passion and diversity, and aim to change lives through sport. Naturally, our over 55,000 employees worldwide who come to work every morning are a part of that just as much as anybody else.

For this reason, we strive to harmonise the commercial interests of the adidas Group with the private and family-related needs of our employees and help them to find the perfect balance between life at and outside of work.

A global company such as ours attracts people from all over the world and from different paths of life. Right now, five different generations are part of the workforce, with the average age being 30 globally, while people from more than 80 nations work at the Group’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Each and every one of them deserves a working atmosphere where they feel comfortable and are able and willing to perform and, in turn, where we can fulfil our social and corporate responsibility.

For this reason, we have the Work-Life Integration (WLI) department. The team has developed various concepts regarding the compatibility of leisure time and work for all relevant age groups and interests.

When work adjusts to life – flexible working time models at the adidas Group

On your way to a 9am meeting and your car breaks down? That doctor’s appointment at 2.45pm was the only time available? That’s ok. We have developed several different programmes to accommodate all kinds of issues so that our employees can tackle their challenges with the time and care necessary.

  • FlexiTime’: This concept was developed to give employees the freedom to organise their working hours individually. Functioning on the trust-based entry of hours worked, overtime can be taken off as ‘flexidays’. So if you work more than your usual hours one week, you can take the hours off at a later date. This gives our employees a high degree of flexibility and personal freedom.
  • ‘myTime’: The lifetime working time account was introduced at our headquarters in Herzogenaurach in 2012. As part of this voluntary system, you can save parts of your salary or approved overtime and convert it into paid vacation, sabbaticals or early retirement or use it for family care and further education. This gives you the opportunity to deal with anything outside of work when necessary.
  • Part-time working: The WLI team sees support of part-time working within the company as another very important task. For this reason we are working on a concept to support part-time working in management positions.
  • Remote working/home office: In addition, there is the possibility of ‘alternating telework’, which means working from home. Teleworking allows a high degree of flexibility, especially for parents.

The adidas Group – where work and family are not in conflict

For our young workforce, the time to start a family often begins during the time they work for us. The WLI team has developed various concepts that support parents from the first day on to ensure that work and family go together smoothly.

Daycare Centre - World of Kids


We have daycare centres at our global headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, as well as at our company premises in Canton, USA. The child-friendly, educational centres, which are operated by external companies within the facility complexes, allow parents the flexibility to combine private and working life. In addition, our Latin America office offers financial support for day care and our office in Amsterdam provides a contingent of daycare places.

Parental leave and reintegration management

Implemented to plan parental leave and re-entry in the best possible way, this programme provides employees with advice at an early stage and options for their return to work, also taking into consideration flexible working hours and work locations.

In the US, adidas Group gives parents a special option: In addition to regular parental leave, which allows new parents to stay home for up to ten weeks with 70% of their salary, adidas offers an extra two weeks’ paid parental leave for both mums and dads for births and adoptions. Furthermore, adidas’ special parental bonding leave provides parents with the possibility to stay home for up to six months within the first twelve months after the child’s birth or placement. While unpaid, it offers new mums and dads the opportunity to stay home longer and take care of their new arrival and new life together. In Germany, new parents are entitled to stay home for up to three years after the birth of a newborn, of which the German government subsidises one year. During this time, the adidas Group only temporarily fills the job of the parent until they return from their leave period.


While most children look forward to school holidays, it can be a stressful time for working parents. The WLI team helps to reduce that stress. At our global headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, our adidas headquarters in Portland, USA, and our Reebok headquarters in Canton, USA, the Group offers a variety of camps for children close to or on campus. That way, you can simply drop your kids off on your way to work and be sure that they are not only being taken care of but also getting to explore new sports and meet new friends.

Parent-Child Office

Life is unpredictable. We know that. So when your babysitter calls in sick and your child has no carer on any given day, we fill this gap with our Parent-Child Office. Open throughout the year, the Parent-Child Office is a fully equipped workplace that parents can use to work while their children play in the kids room.

Nursery rooms

In Herzogenaurach, Portland, Canton, Hong Kong and some of our other Liaison Offices in Asia, we have special nursing mothers’ rooms – a private room with a chair and refrigerator that can be used as a nursing station. These private rooms allow working mums to breastfeed their children during working hours.


Depending on the location, we offer a variety of different programmes and initiatives such as baby gifts, educational assistance (in Portland and Canton, USA) as well as a surrogate birth and adoption assistance plan (in Canton and Portland, USA).

When life gets tough – elderly and dependent care

Caring for an ageing parent, elderly spouse, domestic partner or close friend presents difficult challenges – especially when a crisis hits and you are suddenly faced with the responsibilities of elder care. You are not alone. We familiarise you with the legal regulations within Germany and explain the options you have to reduce or leave work during this time, which include short- and long-term absence from work depending on your individual situation.

The adidas Group strives to continuously improve working conditions and create an environment in which employees are supported in all stages of their lives, which is the ultimate goal of Work-Life Integration.