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Health and Safety

Every employee must have a safe working environment. Nothing less is acceptable.

This is valid for every kind of workplace, including machine workplaces in production areas, home office workplaces for administration functions and workplaces in our stores. As a global Group, our operations must comply with a wide range of different legal and cultural imperatives. Naturally, practices and procedures will vary from one facility to another, depending on the structure of the facility, but the core requirements remain the same.

The adidas Group’s health and safety management focuses on the following core areas:

Health Management

At the adidas Group we put our people in the center of everything we do. Thus, we support them by providing best possible conditions to ensure they feel good, stay healthy and continue to perform at a high level. “Finding Balance” has been defined as one of the strategic HR projects for 2016. This means for us that we want to support our employees even more with initiatives and offers in striving for balance in their lives – private and business. Our ultimate goal is to create a health-enhancing culture.

To achieve this, we defined the following

Guiding Principles for a Healthy Working Environment at the adidas Group:

  • Line managers setting the tone by demonstrating a healthy-oriented balance.
  • Further developing our processes and working conditions as well as creating a health-promoting working environment.
  • Strengthening and supporting our employees in taking personal responsibility for a healthy lifestyle.

We aim for a holistic approach including people’s physical, emotional and social well-being.

Every employee is unique and we consider perceived health as an all-embracing term, a matter of perception, not only associated with medical issues but strongly related to the social determinants of health such as social support, social cohesion and health-related lifestyle and leisure activities. Therefore we focus not only on medical services but also on activities, such as the Company Sports courses and events that promote social cohesion, aiming for a healthy adidas Group community.

Our Company Sports department in Herzogenaurach organises a variety of sports activities and events for employees. Courses offered include health- and fitness-oriented classes such as pilates, yoga and back stabilisation, and various individual and team sports. In addition, we respond to current trends, such as Zumba, sling training and Stand-up paddling, and we also offer special workshops.

Employees can also participate in events such as ski weekends, bike, golf and kite-camps, family excursions and trips to sporting events, such as Bundesliga football matches or the EURO in France as well as sporty trips, e.g. climbing tours in Italy or a riding tour in the Bavarian forest. In 2015, the Company Sports department in Germany offered 335 courses and 45 events with more than 6,500 registrations.

Company Sports events at the adidas Group

The Company Sports team also supports various departments with their requests and provides support for team-building events or special projects, e.g. selling their own bicycle collection or organize special events (e.g. Boost Athletic Meeting, soccer friendly matches). On top of that the Company Sports team organizes sport camps for our employee’s kids during school holiday. In total we offer 10 weeks of child care for kids between 3 and 15 years. We offer a variety of sporting and creative activities such as soccer camps and dance classes.


To create a healthy adidas Group community that is sustainable, all parties need to participate in its development and maximise the use of and build on existing resources. For many years, different parties such as the company doctor, Health and Safety, Physiotherapy and Company Sports have already been actively involved in the creation of a healthy community that promotes employees’ health.

Various medical offers exist on-site, such as vaccinations, medical checks, ergonomic workplace adjustments, a SOS 24/7 crisis hotline, burnout prevention, an employee assistance programme and an integration management programme after long-term sickness.

Our Health Management department crosslinks and networks with these different departments in order to create and sustain an environment that involves building awareness for a healthy lifestyle among employees, encouraging healthy behaviour and also to support overall health.


At the adidas Group, we believe that our food is our fuel. Our goal is to empower and educate our employees on making the right choice every time they eat. We provide quality information and connect to simple and proven plans, tools and solutions to enable bringing healthy nutrition – into our lives.

Thus, together with our nutrition ambassador Holger Stromberg, we made the change from normal catering to really healthy catering – making the healthy choice the easy choice for everyone.

Health promotion events

On a regular basis, the Health Management team, together with Health and Safety and all other players in the health sector organise activations and events for our employees such as health days, health weeks, and new ways of living challenges. These initiatives allow all employees to inform themselves about health topics and the offers that exist on-site. Health initiatives are organized at all HQ locations as well as at some distribution centres.


Employees in Herzogenaurach, Portland, Canton and at other subsidiaries have access to a company gym and numerous other sports facilities.

In addition to the various outdoor sports facilities, a stadium, basketball and tennis court and football pitch, we have an almost 4,000m2 GYM in Herzogenaurach.

The GYM - World of Sports, Herzogenaurach

With five course rooms, a huge training area (640m²), a Reebok CrossFit Box (240m²) and an EXOS training room (260m²), we unite several training philosophies under one roof. Our GYM is a place in which our employees find more than just extensive sports facilities. Modern equipment and first-class trainers make the GYM a place where they can do sports, have fun and meet new people. A place for health AND fitness. This bridge between performance-oriented training and personal health management is very important to us.

We also aim for a global and holistic health initiative that raises awareness about health amongst the employees. That’s the reason why we chose EXOS as being our strategic partner to operate the GYM in Herzogenaurach from Q1 2016. With the help of the EXOS performance team and services, we want to improving human performance in all aspects of your life. The EXOS system can help to upgrade our employee’s life by focusing on four pillars: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery.

  • Mindset is about dedicating oneself towards a goal with a full understanding of what it requires to accomplish it.
  • Nutrition provides the foundational support to fuel the mind and body, and maximize performance.
  • Movement is essential for improving performance. It’s about moving your body better.
  • Recovery allows the mind and body to re-energize and prepare for the next day’s activity.

With FlexiTime, our flexible working hour model based on trust, our employees can do sports whenever they wish: in the morning, in the evening, during their lunch break or at any time in-between work.


We have established corporate guidelines for health and safety, which are used at our administrative offices, distribution centres, stores and production sites. They include core standards for workplace health and safety that complement local legal regulatory requirements. In addition, our larger administration facilities and the Group’s small number of production sites have comprehensive risk, health, safety and environmental management systems coordinated by local facility management.

Managing workplace health and safety at major sites in Germany           

For our sites in Germany, we have put in place a regional health and safety management system. Designated H&S staff at local sites work closely together, exchanging information and developing ways to improve safety at all workplaces.

Under German labour safety law, employees at our headquarters in Herzogenaurach and other locations in Germany must receive annual training on workplace health hazards and safety measures. The adidas Group intranet offers mandatory online courses on emergency procedures and fire safety measures as well as guidelines for workplace ergonomics.

Regular health and safety training is provided to employees at our production sites, distribution centres and retail stores in Germany in collaboration with the Textile and Clothing Trade Association.

Every two years, a Safety Day takes place at all German locations. The day is organised by the Health Management, together with fire services, the Accident Prevention and Insurance Association, health insurance providers and local businesses.

We offer regular training to adidas Group employees about travelling safely to and from work. Training is also provided to keep employees up to date with changes to workplace safety regulations.

First aid training                                           

In Germany, being a first aider is a voluntary decision. The adidas Group offers training courses to our employees and now has more than  200 trained first aiders in Herzogenaurach.

The adidas Group also ensures that security and industrial safety staff in Herzogenaurach, Scheinfeld, Rieste and Uffenheim are trained on defibrillators and that such equipment is available on site.

Checking workplace health and safety in retail stores

With an increasing number of retail stores run by the adidas Group, workplace health and safety in stores is an important consideration. Health and Safety Officers conduct regular store inspections to check that health and safety standards are being met.


Travel Security

Due to the global presence of the adidas Group, its products and its partners, it is necessary that our employees travel regularly to global destinations worldwide. With the support of an external co-operation partner, we run a Medical and Security Assistance Programme to service expatriates and adidas Group employees abroad and on business-related travel.

With the Medical and Security Assistance Programme, business travel is safer and risks are more transparent. The provider is on the spot when medical or security-related problems arise while people are travelling. Employees obtain pre-travel services, including information regarding immunisation recommendations, travel medicine clinics, passports and visas, local medical facilities and special security precautions concerning their destination. Destination services include telephone medical and security advice, worldwide medication replacement and prescription transfer as well as medical and security evacuation.

The service provider has 24-hour alarm centres, staffed with security advisors and physicians who are trained in emergency and travel medicine. They also have a network of medical clinics globally that provide an international standard of care.

In addition, the travel data collected allows us to pro-actively inform our travellers about upcoming risk warnings, strikes or weather warnings via automatic email or text messages.


The Group-wide Major Incident Response Policy sets out procedures and the internal and external communications needed to handle major incidents effectively.

Under the lead of Group Human Resources, the Group’s Incident Response team takes the appropriate action to minimise risks for our employees and our business at any time anywhere in the world.


The adidas Group runs a Group-wide HIV/AIDS policy that is available to all employees on the intranet.

The policy is based on guidance from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and contains:

  • General guidance on HIV/AIDS
  • An employee guide
  • Guidelines for HR managers on workplace care and support.