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Green Company

Green Company is the name we gave to our environmental programme at our own sites around the globe.

It was launched in 2008 and builds on years of environmental initiatives, drawing them together into a coherent programme to improve the environmental performance of our administration offices, manufacturing sites and distribution centres.

Our Green Company vision is to become a zero-emission company by:

  • Embedding environmental best practice in everything we do
  • Maximising environmental efficiency gains
  • Supporting and harnessing our people’s passion for a greener planet.


We set ambitious targets in the areas of energy, water and paper consumption, carbon emissions and reduction of household waste, and each individual site – be it one of our offices, distribution centres or our own factories around the globe – contributes to meeting these targets. But we know this cannot be done without the active involvement of our people. It is in our daily working lives where we need to make the changes that will result in the adidas Group being a more sustainable company, one that achieves its environmental ambitions. So we have established the Green Team concept.

Green Teams

Green Teams are dedicated members of staff who promote environmental activities on site, mobilise support for initiatives and encourage their colleagues to "think green" at their workplaces and in their private life. Each of our key locations has a Green Team. Their efforts are vital if we are to meet our ambitious Green Company targets.

For example, at some of our sites, Green Teams successfully launched projects to reduce the amount of domestic waste sent to landfill:

  • Our TaylorMade-adidas Golf headquarters in Carlsbad, California, started to work with a recycling company to sort and recycle waste at their facility. In 2012 the headquarters recycled 60 tonnes of what had previously been landfill waste.
  • The office in Landersheim, France, reduced the waste from their canteen by collecting organic waste which is then used to produce bio-gas and electricity. In 2012 the site collected around 4.8 tonnes of organic waste which was turned into 3.5 MWh of electricity, leading to an additional saving in greenhouse gas emissions of 0.2 tonnes.
  • Our headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, reduced the domestic waste from its canteens by replacing one-way paper cups with reusable ones. These cups are made out of 'tree juice', a material left over from the paper production process. Read more about these reusable cups on our adidas Group Blog.

Green Teams - Awareness Raising

GreenENERGY Fund

Another innovative initiative that helps us to achieve our Green Company targets is the GreenENERGY Fund, which we founded in 2012 to help sites implement their energy and carbon reduction projects. The Fund is a sustainability venture capital fund for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects globally. It is the first of its kind in the footwear and apparel industry, and its mission is to accelerate investment in cost-effective energy and carbon-reduction projects – and make a profit.

The GreenENERGY Fund's key innovation is that it finances projects as a portfolio. It targets a 20% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) across the portfolio, but allows IRR flexibility at individual project level. This way, 'low-hanging fruit' projects with great financial returns can be combined with high-impact carbon projects that have a lower IRR. The Fund is designed to maximise carbon reduction and cost savings. More information about the GreenENERGY Fund can be found on our adidas Group Blog.

GreenENERGY Fund

Certification to ISO 14001

In order to manage and influence environmental impacts at our own sites, we have implemented a global Group headquarter-based environmental management system that is certified according to the international standard ISO 14001. Twelve major locations around the globe already have certified systems in place which are linked into the global Group system. More sites plan to join this system and to become certified within the next years.

ISO 14001 Certification - Internal Communication

As of January 2015, the following sites of the adidas Group have certified environmental managements systems:

Name of site


EMS standard

Certified since

adidas Group Central Management for Green 

Company, Herzogenaurach, Germany


ISO 14001


adidas Office, Portland, USA


ISO 14001


Reebok Headquarters, Canton, USA


ISO 14001


TaylorMade-adidas Golf Headquarters, Carlsbad, USA


ISO 14001


adidas Group Distribution Centre, Spartanburg, USA


ISO 14001


Reebok-CCM Hockey Headquarters and Distribution Centre, Montreal, Canada


ISO 14001


adidas Group Headquarters, Herzogenaurach, Germany


ISO 14001


Sports Licensed Division Factory, Indianapolis, USAAMERICASISO 140012011
adidas Footwear Factory, Scheinfeld I, GermanyEMEAEMAS; ISO 140011998; 2012
European Distribution Centre, Scheinfeld II, GermanyEMEAISO 14001


Distribution Centre Uffenheim, Uffenheim, GermanyEMEAISO 140012013
adidas Office, Stockport, United KingdomEMEAISO 140012013

adidas Distribution Centre, Manchester, United Kingdom 

EMEAISO 140012013
adidas Group Rieste, Central Distribution Center Central- and East Europe, GermanyEMEAISO 140012014

Green IT

Our Global IT operations have an environmental impact because of the energy consumption of computers, data centres and servers. Within the adidas Group, significant amounts of data have to be stored in our data centres. Using software, a single physical server can be divided into several virtual servers to save resources. By virtualising servers in this way, we can use less energy, reduce our carbon footprint and optimise the storage space and cooling system required.

The adidas Group has set ambitious 2015 targets to reduce the environmental footprint of the IT infrastructure by 20% through the following initiatives:

  • 80% of all PCs to have ‘green’ power management options
  • 30% less energy consumption of PCs
  • 100% of requests for proposals to evaluate ‘green’ performance of possible vendors
  • Virtualisation of servers/data centre consolidation.

Specific actions to achieve these targets are primarily the replacement/decommissioning of old power-hungry hardware, driving server virtualisation, i.e. to improve the virtual to physical server ratio and to introduce efficient hardware models.

Green Company Reporting

To carefully track the progress of our environmental initiatives and their impacts against our targets, we have established a detailed environmental data recording and reporting system which currently includes 47 sites and covers around 80% of the adidas Group internal environmental footprint. Every year we publish a special Green Company Performance Analysis that shows our achievements.

To  see all of our Green Company Performance Analyses published so far, please click here.