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Climate Change

The adidas Group is proactively addressing the impacts of climate change through a number of initiatives in its own operations, its supply chain and through various partnerships.

In our own operations

We have established and maintain a certified Environmental Management System, covering now 13 of our sites globally and are taking the following measures to reduce the environmental footprint of our own operations:

  • GREEN COMPANY PROGRAMME: The programme targets improvement of the environmental performance at our own sites around the world, which includes administration offices (for employee engagement please visit our Green Teams site), own manufacturing sites, distribution centres and retail stores.  We also have dedicated budget, the greenENERGY Fund, which helps us accelerate energy and carbon reduction production projects.  
  • REPORTING OUR CARBON EMISSIONS: As part of our commitment to transparency, we have been reporting about our carbon emissions and our progress on an annual basis through the Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent not-for-profit organisation, since 2007.
  • GLOBAL TRAVEL: Air travel is widely used by adidas Group employees, which is why we monitor and record all air travel managed through our in-house travel agency regularly since 2006 and keep a close eye on the environmental footprint caused. Between 2012 and 2014, we were able to reduce our absolute emissions by around 16%[i]. In addition, a Green Company Initiative, in the form of an additional monetary car bonus amount, encourages our employees and management to use low-carbon vehicles and public transportation.

[i] Data covers 84% of our worldwide employees and is calculated based on DEFRA methodology (2014 Guidelines).


In our supply chain

As most of our carbon emissions come from the manufacturing of our products, we work in close cooperation with our suppliers in various ways to increase energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes.

  • Training suppliers in energy efficiency: In addition to promoting an Environmental Management System (EMS), like we have at our own sites, to make continuous improvements in performance, we help our suppliers to improve environmental conditions, increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. For some examples, please visit our blog.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques: Our products have to deliver, but that does not mean they cannot be made in a sustainable way. Our environmentally friendly ideas and technologies include ‘Low Waste’, ‘DryDye’ and sourcing ‘Sustainable Cotton’.
  • Transport: We work with carriers who operate sound Environmental Management Systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard and reduce the environmental impact by shipping most of our cargo by sea.



In collaboration with policymakers and industry alliances

We engage with critical stakeholders and collaborate with partners to improve our industry in various ways, including:

About the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative


When the UN Climate Change Secretariat asked us to join their Climate Neutral Now Initiative, we did not hesitate. While the ultimate goal is to support a successful outcome towards an international agreement at the upcoming climate conference COP21 in Paris at the end of 2015, the initiative promotes a wider understanding of the need and the opportunities for society to be climate neutral and showcases that many organisations are already acting today.


As a champion of the initiative, we commit to the following:

  • Continue to estimate our emissions.
  • Continue to reduce our emissions.
  • Offset at least part of the remaining unavoidable emissions with UN-certified offsets.

By supporting the initiative, we are delivering a strong message to the industry, our employees and external stakeholders about our continued vision for the adidas Group to become a ‘zero-emission company’. Please click here to read more.