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adidas stadium - campaign image



Deep-dive into the adidas Group. A world full of passion and creativity that is all about sport, style and making both happen. Enjoy.

#Ilovemyjob - Next Generation Workplace

The workplace world is changing – which factors make an employer attractive and ‘cool’?

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Alyce in a learning session

Uppercuts for better lives

Reebok unlocks a new business segment and extends its ‘Tough Fitness’ paradigm to the growing Combat Training Community – the company’s culture plays a crucial role

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Reebok and UFC Partnership

The dilemma of sourcing globally

The adidas Group outsources almost 100% of its production to its suppliers globally. Here is why and how.

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Creativity Now. Portrait of a Designer

Inspiration - the prime asset of all creatives. But where do you get it, and what's so special about cities with a harbour? Find the answers here.

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Martin Tibabuzo, adidas Designer

Entrepreneurial lessons from the founder of adidas

What drove the man who founded adidas and led the company to global success? A very special contemporary gives insights.

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Adi Dassler, a meticulous inventor

Big, Bigger, NBA

About the huge potential of the NBA and how, with the power of fascination, you can make something that is already big even bigger

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How to train smart for business success

Three ideas from the adidas miCoach training ecosystem that managers can use to advance self-development

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A partnership with good chemistry

The partnership between the adidas Group and bluesign technologies is more than the sum of its parts. It has the potential to transform the way chemicals are used in manufacturing apparel.

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The edge of fitness

Evolve or fail. Why the fitness industry needs to reinvent itself.

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Smarten up the people

Behind every innovation there is someone with an ingenious idea. A prerequisite for developing creative ideas is the right environment and also the opportunity to continuously further one's own development, to remain up to date and to keep on learning. At the adidas Group the future of learning has now begun – with the adidas Group Learning Campus.

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Earning the 3-Stripes

Listen, test and modify may only be three simple words, but for decades they have played a huge role in the world of product creation at adidas. Find out why.

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Herbert Hainer – footballer at heart

In search of his recipe for success. Take a look behind the scenes and experience Herbert Hainer up close.

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The ultimate guide to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

It is just about World Cup time, but are you prepared? Do you know everything you should know? No? Well, here is some help.

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Brazil is ready for the World Cup – and the rest of the world

Brazil is not a monarchy anymore, but they will always have a king: Pelé. That a man famous for his unparalleled football talent and success is officially called a national treasure speaks for Brazil’s football-crazy population and the status the sport enjoys in the country.

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Just men playing football? The World Cup is so much bigger than that...

It happens every four years. Men in shorts and tight jerseys from all over the globe step on a grass field and battle out who is best. Four weeks later, one team lifts a trophy and the next day we all move on. Thankfully, we leave something behind.

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Lightweight products – the heavyweight in the sporting goods industry

Competition between the major sporting goods manufacturers to produce the lightest sports products has been in full swing for years – but are these genuine innovations or just pure marketing?

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adidas crazylight

HomeCourt brings the passion of sport to adidas retail

With its new, interactive store concept HomeCourt adidas turns retail into a place where consumers can feel the energy of the game, the thrill of the event and the frenzy of the fans.

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 Brand Center Beijing

Boost success - One year into the future of running

It is athletes who decide the success of an innovation. One year after the running innovation Boost was first introduced, we ask the question: has this innovation found its way into runners’ hearts?

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Denis Kimetto

The spirit of leadership in sustainability

The adidas Group is famous for leading many fields. A not so well-known field of leadership is sustainability. Rightly so?

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Brazuca – an icon is born

Let’s be honest, there are quite some wannabe icons out there. Is Brazuca, official match ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, an icon? This is a proper check.

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Win China - Win the Future

Greater China is a very important but highly challenging market for many companies. For the adidas Group and its strategic business plan, Route 2015, China is a key success factor, too. It became a success story that was very fast in the making and nowhere on the radar a few decades ago.

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adidas and the Future of Manufacturing

New technologies challenge today’s manufacturing of innovative products. Together with its partners, the adidas Group strikes new paths and drives the research project “Speedfactory” under the umbrella of the German government.

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The man who puts his heart on your sleeve

Some things stir emotions, some don’t. The more successful ones do!

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adidas Logo on the 2014 DFB jersey

adidas football - the subtle difference

Football has long become a highly professional multi-billion dollar business. However, what often makes the subtle but significant difference in the struggle for global market leadership are aspects far from any strategic business decisions.

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Why fitness is approaching an important crossroad

For many people exercise became a chore to keep fit. However, the fitness -community currently sees a growing countermovement that aims to strengthen aspects such as fun and individuality. Reebok strives to drive this shift.

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Reebok fitness

Shop anytime anywhere

Consumers’ shopping behaviour has changed dramatically. This fact challenges how consumer goods brands work. The adidas Group see this as an opportunity to break new ground.

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NEO Window Shopping

When technology fuses with creativity

Any technology is the attempt to advance the way we deal with circumstances. Getting there requires imaginative minds that reassess assumptions and conventions – not only to innovate but also to identify creative ways of applying technology to other sectors.

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Drydye machine