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Reebok Crossfit



There is great power in the people around us. They motivate and inspire us. The more we draw from them, the more rewarded we are. And the more empowered we are to affect those around us. To see the power of community, one has to look no further than Reebok’s Canton, MA headquarters, and other offices around the world.

The shift in fitness

Reebok has always believed in the power of fitness, but today that power is even greater as the fitness world is changing is a profound way. Fitness is moving from a largely solitary activity to a group activity. And it’s far bigger than the actual activity – it’s a lifestyle. The way people perceive fitness, how they define themselves by their fitness lifestyle and how they experience fitness is far different today than in the past. For many, fitness is not what they do, it's who they are.

Today, people who live this fit lifestyle are bonding over collective experiences and that is what motivates them, drives them and fulfils them. In the end, it makes for a stronger community, or in Reebok’s case, a stronger, more connected company.

Matt O'Toole, CMO at Reebok


In 2010, Reebok embarked on a path forward. Reebok would set a course to become the undisputed fitness brand. For Reebok, this shift was really about reclaiming a position the brand had held in the past. Reebok was looking to its heritage to define its future.

But before announcing this message to the world, Reebok first decided to look internally and begin with its own employees. To be successful, Reebok understood that it first needed to make believers out of those who would ultimately be spreading this powerful message.

Today, Reebok has a fitness culture that rivals any other company in the world.


It all began in 2010, when Reebok launched the employee value proposition that was intended to bring people together to embrace and celebrate a new dedication to fitness and to ensure that Reebok was a brand that was truly living its strategy. In the years following, a remarkable cultural transformation of Reebok’s Canton location and other Reebok offices has taken place.

A true fitness culture


Today, at its Canton headquarters, there are approximately 700 employees participating in some form of fitness on a regular basis – whether it’s CrossFit, Yoga, Dance or any other fitness activity. Reebok employees are embracing the company’s fitness culture and, importantly, doing this together in groups, which has raised moral, broken down communication barriers and strengthened relationships – people are meeting more people and interacting with people from across the business in ways they could not have before. Senior Management are working out with and interacting with junior level employees and creating bonds through a shared experience: fitness.

At Reebok all age-groups are affected by its unique fitness culture.

Healthy Eating

In addition, healthy eating is encouraged: the company’s cafeteria has been altered to give Reebok employees healthier food choices and has eliminated many unhealthy foods, and employees are offered regular nutrition seminars. Reebok has also instituted regular health screenings to help keep employees on track with their fitness goals and to gauge their improvement overall.

This transformation of the workplace environment in Canton has garnered attention from local, national and global media – as well as from other major global brands who have visited Reebok to learn about the programme. The initiative has fundamentally changed the culture and spirit of the employee population for the better in numerous and profound ways. One cannot help but feel the energy level at Reebok headquarters today. It’s contagious and real and it’s proof of the power and collective energy of community.